Why Is Plan B Not Making Me Bleed Like Other Times I’ve Taken It?

Sally, age 28, writes:

I have taken Plan B about 6 times in the past several years; each time I have taken it before it has caused me to bleed like clockwork 2 days later. I recently took it again, here’s what happened:

I had sex using the pull out method on the evening of July 28th, and the morning of July 29th. I didn’t think much of it because my boyfriend and I have done this occasionally for years without pregnancy (I know I should know better). 4 days later, early on August 2nd, we had unprotected sex again, but this time he was afraid he came in me a little. So, I took both Plan B pills at the same time about 12 hours later.

I went back and calculated my last 4 months of cycles using an ovu calcu, and it averaged me I ovulating on July 29th, the day of the 2nd unprotected sex. After taking Plan B on Aug 2, I have yet to bleed. Period should be due today, no sign yet tho. I’m freaking out bc I am having an usual experience with taking PlanB and worried I might be preggo. :(

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Dear Sally,

While some have bleeding after taking Plan B, it doesn’t always happen for everyone (in fact, it’s not even considered a common side effect, though it still happens frequently enough). This bleeding (even though some people think its caused by Plan B making their period come early) is actually unrelated to your period. Instead, this bleeding is what we call “withdrawal bleeding” and isn’t menstruation. Withdrawal bleed is caused by the change in hormone levels which is caused by taking Plan B. Experiencing this bleeding after taking Plan B is most commonly experienced when Plan B is taken earlier in your menstrual cycle.

So, having said all of that, and since you took the full dose of Plan B about 12 hours after having unprotected sex, you should be fine and not pregnant. Of course, this is all assuming that your times having sex using the pull out method didn’t get you pregnant (through any sperm leaking out before the “official” ejaculation). I would definitely still take a home pregnancy test, just to make sure.

Best luck!



  1. Hannah, I had sex on aug. 18th then again the 19th & 20th.. each time was unprotected & iam not on any type of birth control right now, we’re useing the “pull out” way.. the morning of the 21st my breast were very swallon & tender.. later that day I used the bathroom & noticed a pinkish color after I ripped myself, thinking I started my period I put a tampon in…. I went to change it later on & nothing was on it. So I didn’t put a one in. It is now the 22nd & still haven’t needed to put one in. Should I be worried?

  2. I usually take plan with 2 hours or less after he has ejaculated inside me and five days later I bleed for about 3 days but it’s usually just a small amount but this time I took plan b within 48 hours and did not bleed like I usually do when I take plan b instead I was having really bad cramps everyday and 2 weeks later I got my period plan b can be really scary

  3. Me and my gf had unprotected sex but we were worried so she took ec pill after one hour but she did not bleed after a week I am really worried so please help us so the pill work or not and it is necessary to bleed a week after taking ec

  4. No one help us please try to understand our problem please help us

  5. I saw my period last on the 3rd of may, and I took aspirin drugs, then on the 30 I had light blood stain till on second but not flowing what could that be implantation or spotting.

  6. I took plan b on June 28 I had withdrawal bleeding on July 2nd and it’s September I had that midcycle bleeding in the middle of the month in July started spotting blood and brown stuff for a day then stopped and.spotted again in August but still no peorid after the withdrawal bleeding in July I’m,46 years old so.this is my second month and no peorid could it be the plan b I heard it really messes up your peorid for a couple of months or maybe it could just be premenopause it’s it normal to miss two peorid after taking plan b

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