On Seasonique for 11 Days, Had Unprotected Sex

Not sure, age 16, writes:

I have been on Seasonique for 11 days. Today, I had unprotected sex and became very worried that the 11 days had not been enough. So, I took 4 of the pills and plan to take 4 more later on (after 12 hours have elapsed). Am I on the right track? Should I really be as worried as I am?

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Dear Not sure,

Being on 11 days of Seasonique should have you covered. I’m assuming that you began taking Seasonique right after your last period ended? And, that you’ve been taking Seasonique every day faithfully around the same time each day? In that case, you’re fine. Usually after taking it for a week, you’re good to go. There’s no need to take a super dose.



  1. ok i had sex with my b.f took morning after pill my normal period came. then three weeks later condom broke during sex ,and my b.f ejaculated in me .then we quickly got plan b and i had my normal period all a sudden two weeks later i feel nausea got tested it was negative now we had sex again condom broke again and i took plan b am i ok??????

    worried lisa

  2. Please answer! :(
    I had to do a period reset so i have been off the pill for about a week now and bf and i had sex and condom broke.
    What is the potential of pregnancy and how soon can i test?

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