Painful Nipples, Plan B, Negative Pregnancy Test

I have been seeing a guy, we’ll call him Joe, for the past few months although we took a break during the month of December. We use pull out method as I am scared of birth control and neither of us like condoms, stupid I know. I recall on New Years Eve looking up and noticing a full moon and realizing I hadn’t gotten my period yet (I’m really bad at keeping track of it but usually its done around the full moon).

I have an OCD thing where every month I am convinced I’m pregnant, been happening since I first started getting my period at age twelve and I did not even have sex until 18. But I remember in December it felt a little more real than just an ocd pattern. On New Years Day I found out one of the guys at this party had had sex with me while I was blacked out. I immediately went and bought/took plan B and I did end up getting my period a day or two later. I then reunited with Joe, on Jan 9th and we had sex and again on the 15th.

I have generally have an incredibly small appetite, usually I forget to eat even but for the past two weeks I feel like I can’t get enough food. My coworkers who rarely see me eat have watched me sit and eat three PB&Js in a row and then ask to go to the store and get snacks. At first I was excited I had an appetite because I was starting to get underweight but now I’ve had constant headaches and I’ve never been so exhausted.

If I stay out too late I start getting incredibly panicky and cranky. And I’ve also had incredibly touchy nipples, very painful if I touch them. I took a pregnancy test that came up negative on the 30th but afterwards I realized it would have been to early for a test to be reliable. I am due for my period again in the next day or so. I have read a lot of those symptoms are also stress related but I haven’t been particularly stressed lately. I am not upset that I might be pregnant but I really don’t want it to be the guy from New Years Eve and I have had 2-3 nights of heavy drinking (with absolutely no drinking in between) in the past month and would be concerned about that having hurt any baby.

Is there still a chance of pregnancy? And is there any chance the plan b did not work? Sorry for the long question and thank you for the help!

Sorry, me again, just wanted to say that there is no option for the current year on the online pregnancy test page. If I am pregnant I would be 52 weeks along by now and should have had my baby :)

Lucy (age 22)

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Dear Lucy,

Ooops! Thanks for catching the no-current-year-option on the pregnancy test page. We’ve fixed that now :)

A couple questions for you: Do you remember when your period came in November and December? (I’m just trying to figure out when it was supposed to come in late December.) You said you took Plan B and had your period a day or two later; did that seem to be a “normal” period? Do you remember how long it lasted?

Even if nothing results from the New Years Day event, you’re playing it very risky with Joe, as the pull-out method is going to catch up with you eventually.



  1. I’m very aware of that and am concerned it already has. I should have in December gotten it around the 28th and did not until the 5th or so of January. I’m usually fairly regular. And I feel like it’s about time again but none of the usual signs are there

  2. And yes it felt pretty normal in January, lasted about four days. I don’t remember when it came in November. I think right after thanksgiving.

    • The reason why I asked is because Plan B can cause bleeding (which some have thought was their period). But because the bleeding lasted four days in January, that does seem to make it look like that was a regular period, perhaps delayed because of your taking Plan B.

      Note that your having taken Plan B can affect the timing of your periods for a little while. It’s not uncommon to skip your next period after taking Plan B (and in my thinking, that very well could be this upcoming period that gets delayed or skipped).

      Because you are also having sex with Joe, that really makes it hard for me to guessimate anything. At the very least, get Joe to start wearing a condom, and I would also recommend you take a pregnancy test. I would do a pregnancy test now and then (assuming that one is negative) another test in 2 weeks.

  3. I’ve taken plan b once before and it didn’t seem to have any effect on anything but that is good to know! Another reason I’m confused is that I usually have no symptoms of pms so it’s strange to be experiencing these symptoms. And yes I will work on the condoms. Or getting over my discomfort with artificial hormones and weight gain :) And the pregnancy test I took two days ago would have been too early to tell do you think?

    • Oops! I had forgotten for a moment that you’d said you’d taken the one test on the 30th. Let’s just wait two weeks then to take another pregnancy test (unless your regular period comes first). Assuming there was nothing wrong with the test you took on the 30th, it should have been able to detect whether you were pregnant from New Years Day. Occasionally a test might struggle to detect enough hCG after 4 weeks, but many of the tests they have available in stores now are fairly sensitive.

  4. So if I were to be pregnant, chances of it being from New Years eve are slim? I’ll try again in two weeks if I’m still feeling funky. Thank you for all of your help!

  5. It may also just be psychosomatic symptoms as a result of my weird monthly pregnancy thing, although it’s never gone this far in my head before

  6. Hi Hannah, on the 14th of march 2016 I sawy period and it lasted for 3 days , during my unsafe week i had dex once but he didn’t release inside me. And for previous months my period have been coming on d 10th. Am i still pregnant

  7. Pls i have a question durx de last week of january and de first week of february 2017 i have havx sex with my fiancé without condom and nt only dat de nipples of my breast is painx so i was askx if its possible fr me to get pregnant becos i havent seen my period fr dis month of february becos i was suppose to see my period on de 4th so is it possible fr me to be pregnant

    • My nipples Z paining me n i suppose to see my period on 4th February n i haven’t see it does it mean am pregnant??

  8. I saw my period on 15th of last month, n I made love on d 24/25 before my ovulation and now my nipple hurt so badly I did pregnancy test n it negative.

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