Period 17 Days Late, Then Came with Cramps

Falona writes: My period was 17 days late then my period came with slight cramps at the bottom of my stomach what is wrong

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Dear Falona,

It’s hard to tell without knowing some more of what is happening in your life. Our body’s cycles can fluctuate with our moods and the environmental changes and stress factors around us.

I’ll throw a few questions your way. If you can answer them and get back to me, I’ll see what I can do for you.

1) How old are you?
2) Does your period usually come and go like clockwork, always coming when predicted and lasting the same number of days each month?
3) Have you been under a lot of stress lately or been sick or on any type of medication?
4) Have you been involved in a new athletic or exercise regimen lately?
5) Are you on any type of birth control medication?
6) How frequently have you had sex over the past month or two?

Thank you,


  1. Im 30 yes its always either the day before or day after expecting date no i have not been under any stress just a lil excited about my birthday coming no meds no sickness no im not into exercise no birth control i had sex aleast five or six times… And to give a lil more info about me after being 20 days late on my period it came yesterday not normal with pain in lower abdomen with back pains today i had blood clogs that looks like liver with a pinkish color please help i dont know whats wrong

  2. thanks for the help in advance

  3. Hi Falona,
    it sounds to me like a miscarriage. Usually, it feels exactly like you described – with cramps stronger than usual, often back pain and blood clots, the bleeding also might take a bit longer than usual (around 7-8 days). I experienced a miscarriage myself (my husband and I are trying for a baby) so I know exactly what it feels and looks like. You should be back to normal within 7-10 days but if the cramps and bleeding don’t go away you should see a doctor.

  4. My period came on after 17days late this never happened to me it either comes on the day predicted or the day before now I have severe cramping and so far light bleeding with no scent no blood clots or unfertilized eggs are being released could it just be that my menstrual cycle decided to change from the month ends to the middle of the month that’s the reason for such a long delay? Having pregnancy symptoms but highly doubt I’m pregnant

  5. MsMedgirl says:

    I’m going through exact same thing. I am 21 days late on my cycle and have all signs and symptoms of pregnancy. I did a test after 7 days late and it was negative and was told by my doctor to wait two more weeks then come in for a gyno visit to do an exam. This morning I woke up with slight spotting and pretty severe cramping. As day went on cramping became almost unbearable, sharp stabbing pain in stomach and the worst lower back pain I’ve ever felt even my upper legs feel like they are cramping. The bleeding has gotten much heavier and now I have passed what is the size and shape of a lightbulb but looks like liver and jello. Gross I know but that the best description. Am I having miscarriage??!

  6. Hi
    Im 29 years old..i got my period on oct 11. So my expexted period is nov 11th. Surprisingly , i didnt get till 26th.have two preg tests.both came negative.i was never late by 17 days like this. On nov 27th morning i started bleeding. No clots. Could be miscarriage or late period or late heavy implanatation? Pls share your experiences if u came across similar ..


  7. Im going through the same thing. At 2 weeks late I got a blood test but was negative, but have had all symptoms of pregnancy. Went to dr and he thought I was pregnant, but testing too early so was due to have a scan two weeks later…got to day 16 and was up all night feeling like something was wrong, next morning I woke to severe cramping, diarrhoea and bleeding. Has progressively become darker and more heavy and passed a clot yesterday that was as described above with the pinkish colour on darker clot…still experiencing pregnancy symptoms including nausea but I keep losing colour from my face!

  8. Hi. I am 17 days late today. I took 3 pregnancy test all were negative. My cycle isnt very normal this year. I had 40 days 26. 35 40 and 45 cycles this year. Now i dont dont if this is pms or pregnancy. Please help

  9. Aud Choong says:

    Hi, I am 41 years old. My period late for 17 days. On the Day 18 early morning my stomach suddenly cramp and pain for whole day . Then, on Day 19 at early evening, my period stop. I never had this before. Is this hormone changes? Please help!

  10. I’m 38 and I’m 17 days late on period, I als just came back on a cruise
    Maybe it prolong my cycle

  11. Princess says:

    Hello I am 19 years old .. I’m suffering with random severe cramps and I’m 17 days late .. I don’t know what to do I am actively sexual with my fiancรฉ and we do have unprotected sex. Does anyone have any information that can help with these pain!!!

  12. Lost Lucy says:

    Im 21, my period is 16days late. I usual get my period every 28-30days.
    I have light cramping my lower abdominal every night and yesterday I had a sharp pain in my lower back. Last month my period lasted longer then usual, its usual between 3/4days but it was a full 7days. I constantly feel nausea but no vomit especially in the car. I have no spotting and sore boobies. Yes sex does feel very much different I feel much tighter. Im under heavy stress as it is exam season as well. Could this be pregnancy?

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