Period 3 Days Late, Cramping, Feeling Nauseous, Tired & Stressed

bestfriendtotherescue (16) writes: hi my question concerns my best friend.. shes 16 and she told me on monday the 13th that her boyfriend put his penis on the outside of her pjs pants.. apparently some of his cum came on her hand and later on she took a shower.. now her period is 3days late and shes cramping and feeling nauseous and tired and stressed.. im really scares she might be pregnant.. any ideas?? :(

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Dear bestfriendtotherescue,

Kudos to you for asking for your friend :) She should be fine. There’s extremely little chance of her getting pregnant. She’d have to have his fresh semen soak through her pjs pants, soak through her panties, and be in the right spot (and in the right volume) to actually get up into her vagina and then survive the journey in there. Nope … I’ll strongly side with her not being pregnant.

As far as what she’s feeling and having her period late – welcome to nerves and being stressed out! Our bodies are so crazy. If we’re worried about possibly being pregnant, it increases the probability that our next period will be delayed or skipped altogether, which only makes us even more nervous! Tell her she’s fine and can calm down.

Best luck,


  1. Hey in Jan I was 3days late in Feb I was 5days late …I suppose to come on on the 21st of every month whats wrong

  2. Zsadania says:

    Me and my boyfriend had unpeotected sex on may 26th. He pulled out before anything came out of him. Ever since then , ive been sleepy &dizzy and always hungry. Is it possible that im pregnant?

  3. Umm all I can say is that ur friend is obviously to young to be having sex if she thinks she can get pregnant cause of cum on her pants. Come on seriously all I can say u both are way 2 young to be having sex. Sorry but I’m a mother of 3 girls so touchy subject for me

  4. Hello I am a couple of days late on my period and I had sex with someone in march I haven’t been late on my other period in April, but we didn’t use anything but he pulled out before his cum. I am just a little worried do you know what I should do? Because I haven’t told my mum or anything and I cant tell her, pleas help me what to do

  5. Mi ? iz dat I’m 5 dayy late for mi period .. i recently stop taking mi pills bout2 mnths ago
    late mnth i jus had a lite period follow by brown diz charge pregnancy test ca
    e out neg.last mnth now diz mnth i had unpretected sexy 3xs b4 I’m period suppose to cum.onn.

  6. These last 5 dayz dat mi period suppose to cum on I’m jus havn cramping

  7. kupopi chiamin says:

    hi im 21yrs old female and I had sex with my boyfriend using condom.. but evn before ejecting sperms he took out his penis out of my vagina.. but ftr.. 20days..since im delayed on my periods by 8days.. got smal brown..tiny discharge
    .wats the pregnant? or..y not getting periods

  8. Hi im 18 yrs old my boyfriend broke my virgin at 16 and we begin to have more than i did my periods
    Didn’t know that im pregnant my stomach started swelling and i was like what hell is wrong with me
    When water break i was omg mum im going to have a baby and she’s like oh no my baby is going have a baby ..
    But i have a beautiful and healthy baby boy who is now 1yr and 5months old and we love so is father

  9. Could I be pregnant. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend but he never cum inside me and am 3 days delay of my period can I be pregnant.

  10. Am 25 and my period is late 12days please can I be pregnant

  11. Am tbaby,I had an abortion last 2month nd I was expecting my period,tru out dat month but no way ,so I took d same drugs again nd d thing cam,for like 2,3days after then I didn’t c it again plz wat can I do bcus I still av a baby of 5month old .pls help me out

  12. None of you should be having babies.You can’t even spell correctly ,your grammar is awful! His penis needs to be inside you.!! Did any of you take a health course on how sex happens.Good Grief!

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