Period 9 Days Late, Took Pregnancy Test 5 Days Before Period & Negative

Hey.. My last period was on August 17th and me and my boyfriend have had unprotected sex quite a few times that month before and after my period.. my period is usually late but by a month but last month it was only late by 4 days. it’s 9 days late this month (September) and I have had a lot of symptoms like nausea and sore breasts. I took a pregnancy test 5 days before my expected period and it came out negative. Did I take it too early? Could I be pregnant?

Britt (20)

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Dear Britt,

Yes, taking a home pregnancy test 5 days before your expected period would be too early. Some HPT packages “boast” that they may be able to detect hCG before your period begins. However, I’ve found that, to obtain the most accurate results (and not have to repeatedly buy a million HPTs because the first ones may not have worked), it’s best to wait until the day when your next expected period should have ended. Why don’t you take another one tomorrow morning (with your concentrated urine) and let us know the results.




  1. I had sex unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the 5 Dec 2011 and I was supposed to be in my period on the 28 Dec 2011 but its 9 days now without period, I am not sure about the symptoms its can happen that I am imagining.

    I took a HPT 6 day ago and is (-) but still don’t go to my period.
    Is it possible that I am pregnant?

  2. I’ve got the necplanon in my arm. But I’ve been getting sick everyday for almost two weeks! And I’ve been hunger a lot more than usual. And I haven’t had a period just a little slotting. And I’m worried because I had unprotected sex last month. Could I be pregnant??

  3. Yes u r pregnant and I suggest you run a blood test

  4. Pls,having period late like 11 days,do a blood pregnancy test still negative.. Pls what is happening

  5. Mariam omolaja says:

    Hi, am having prob with my period, i had an abortion early did year January since den my period has been irregular, but since April is noh coming at all, av go urine test blood test am not pregnant, i go for scan it said am normal, but Hvs advise i go for d hvs d result said its staphylococcus heavy growth one, i started d treatment wit d drug n injection prescribed for MI der, nothing happens again, av take several herbal medicine. I no see anything fed up pls help MI out…

  6. I supposed to have my period on 25th August but till now i t has not come. I. ran pregnancy test but it shows negative .43yrs

  7. Pls I saw my period on july9th another august 10th. Another sep11. Want to know if it’s normal& how many days cycle

  8. And am waiting for october13th own which is tommoro. Then wen is my ovulation after my period

  9. What if someone suppose to see her period on the first of the month and did not come till on the 11 is there a probability that she is pregnant

  10. Ruth Emily says:

    Please help I have my period on the 18th Feb 2017 but still feeling some pain something Chopin in my stomach for the past 6days now please am I pregnant. Am not feeling any Brest pain ooo but the stomach is really hulking me. Am Ruth Emil

  11. Nomfundo cele says:

    Hi I want bby but sometimes I don’t to my period y mybe 4oh a year I don’t no why should I do now plz help

  12. I have not be able to see my ovulation since last year.
    I had sex on Sunday and my period came on Monday.
    Before then my boob were paining me..
    Was thinking…

  13. My period are 10 day delay today i take a test but its negative

  14. I haven’t seen my period for this month and it was supposed to have started 5 day ago and I have not met any man for the past few months. Please what could be the cause I’m scared. …

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