I Took the Plan B Morning After Pill But No Period


My period started normally on April 3rd, and lasted about 7 days. My boyfriend and i had sex with a condom, on April 13th 2010. The condom broke, so the next morning we went to Planned Parenthood and got a day after pill. (Plan B One-Step) It had two pills, but the lady said to take them both at once. I took the pills within 14 hours. 4 days after i took the pill, i got a brownish discharge for about 3 days. I though maybe it was side effects from the Pills. It stopped, and i just decided to wait for my period. My period is late, (Today being May 9, 2010). I took a pregnancy test on May 7th, 2010, and i was negative. I sill have not gotten my period. I am worried, and need your help! Please.


Dear Worried,

Thank you for your question. It’s typical to have some spotting a few days after taking the Plan B pills (which is similar to taking a very high dosage of birth control pills). It may also “mess up” your normal menstrual cycle causing you to miss your next period or making your next period (or two) be lighter or heavier than normal. You could take a pregnancy test in a week just to triple check, but you should be fine since your symptoms are pretty much in line with the normal side effects. Your cycle should return back to normal within the next month or two.

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  1. Hey i took the morning after pill a week ago and got bleeding a week later. The thing is my period was due the day i got the bleeding so im not sure if it is my normal period or what. i also started the contraceptive pill on the day i got the bleeding like your supposed to do on the first day of your period. Im really not sure the bleeding I have at the moment is my normal period or as a result of the morning after pill. Please help !!!!!!!

  2. So If she took plan b on Friday evening after having sex Friday morning. But then They had sex again tues morning, can or should She take another plan b??

  3. so last month (right around halloween) I was suppose to be getting my period. However i started my birth control early so that I wouldnt get it. I wasnt sexually active at the time so I wasnt worried. Then this month, on the 13th I had unprotected sex. That same night I went and got Plan B. Took it that night and then the following morning. I was suppose to be getting my period either late tuesday early wednesday (I have been on the pill for years so its very regular) but here we are on Thursday morning with still no period. I have heard that the Plan B can mix up your cycle but I am still freaking out. Should I be? Should I be taking a home pregnancy test? Thank you so much for your advice, its very appreciated.

  4. Hi, Iv’e been on birth control pills for 4 yrs and had unprotected sex for the first time last week. I take my birth control pills on time everyday but after having unprotected sex I got extremely nervous and took the Plan B pill. I didn’t have any symptoms after taking the pill. Should I be worried?

  5. Concerned23 says:

    Hi Hannah,

    I’m rather concerned about my girlfriend becoming pregnant. Basically, after I came inside the condom, we carried on for a bit until she realized the condom had fallen off. She then took Levonelle roughly 12 hours after this took place. We’re a new couple and she was not on a regular contraceptive pill. I’m really worried about her becoming pregnant after this situation. Your help/thoughts would be appreciated. THANKS!


  6. Paranoid Girl says:

    Hi, I am super freaked out right now because I had sex with my boyfriend and the condom got stuck inside me so to be safe like 30 minutes later I took plan B. I got my period towards the end of the month last month which means this week I should be getting my normal period, I however have been experiencing a bloody looking brown discharge, enough to need a pad. Should I be worried or is this normal letting me know my normal period is on its way?

  7. So I had unprotected sex a few weeks ago so I took plan b. my period was due around feb 26 it is now march 2 and I still have no period but I took 3 pregnency tests and they are all negative. Is this normal after taking plan b? Help!

    • Bell white says:

      Did you end up getting your period that month ? I’m in the same situation, was supposed to get my period on the28th of March but never got it and i had taken a plan b a week before that, help!

  8. i had sex and i took plan b . i did not have any discharge i have not got my period for four months now. what should i do ? im irregular but when i dont get my peruod it is only for.about a month or two. what should i do advice plis ?

  9. I started my period May 3… I was off my period by the 7th. we had sex after my period on the 8th or 9th and on the 11th at about 10:30 at night. I took the pill monday May 13th around 8 pm and never got a period. Do you think i concieved by May 11th already????? Or did i get pregnant

  10. I started my period May 3… I was off my period by the 7th. we had sex after my period on the 8th or 9th and on the 11th at about 10:30 at night. I took the pill monday May 13th around 8 pm and never got a period. Do you think i concieved before May 11th ????? Or did i get pregnant May 11th.

  11. Hello. Please do not hesitate to get plan B. The condom can easily get stuck inside if your man has a lot of pre-cum. The times I took immeadiatly-like 45min after it worked. When I waited 48 hrs it DID not work and I became pregnant. So please think of a plan as soon as possible if you miss your period. Go to the Dr if you can afford it, if not find a clinic or ask someone to borrow $. And start thinking of realistic options calmly and clearly. I promise! I promise! Only tell people you trust. If you are pregnant the EC will not harm your baby. But you need to deal with it. Because you can get spotting- which is not your actual menstruation, so be ware and do a pregnancy test if you notice swollen breast or nasuea a few months later bc people can bleed and the EC doesnt always work.

  12. Okay, I had unprotected sex, and the guy did finish in me :/ I took plan b one step two days later- due to being snowed in the day after it happened. I had just had my period a few days before also.
    I did this the weekend before Easter weekend 2013. It is now May 21, 2013 and still no period. I had no disgcharge after taking the pill either. I have had some of the symptoms more frequently since taking the pill such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, fatigue. I’m not sure if it is normal to not have a period for this long? I have had no signs of spotting. I’m not sure if other woman ae this way, but when I am about to get my period I notice I start to have a certain scent? I have smelled that twice and I thought I was going to have my period- but it was a no-show. I’m really not sure what to do and overall am just confused. :/

  13. I had sex with my boyfriend right after my period ending on the 23rd of May. The day after is ended we had sex & the condom broke so we went to get the plan b pill later that day (may 25th). He figured i was going to take it then to have more sex & we did. It’s now July 21st & I have not had my period could I be pregnant? Please answer this ASAP. I want to set up an appointment as so as possible if there’s a super high chance I might be. Can the pill just be the cause of having my period be so late?

  14. I was on contraception and had my last packet and I had my period as I was on red pills then I stopped taking them and had unprotected sex a week after and had one morning after pill but have not seen my period as I last saw them on the 18th of July, I’m scared and worried and afraid to take pregnancy test but I’ve been having this cramps the whole august but no period could I be pregnant because August is ending and no period or is the cycle changing?

  15. Hi I had sex with my partner two months ago the following day after sex I took plan b. Then my period came late, then two weeks later my period came. It was pretty heavy period. However I’ve been waiting for my 2nd period still haven’t come yet. So worried if I’m pregnant or not:(

  16. I had sex on 21 st nov,2014.Then I had my period on 29th nov.I usually have very heavy bleeding.I had to stop it with pause 500 mg.Then I again had my period on 15th december,2014.It was usual and I had to stop it again.Then I was not having sex for a month.I had cramps on4th january,2015.I had sex again on 8th january,2014 and I took an ecp right after it.I had a little brown discharge after that.Today is 20th january and I am still not having my period.Am I pregnent?

  17. I had my period from the 22-27 Jan of this year and had unprotected sex on the 31st&1st Feb. I took the OTC Plan B on the 3rd of Feb and here am I since the 14th Feb having breast tenderness and fullness and funny taste in my mouth and no period. Am I freaking out too early, should I take a pregnancy test……I am so freaking out.

  18. I had sex with a guy I like about a week ago. The condom tore and we both freaked out. I ended up taking morning afters about 12hrs later, but it’s been way over a week and I still haven’t gotten a period. I’m pretty concerned because on top of everything, I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), so I never have regular periods. Before this incident happened it has been over 6 months after I got off the CP, since I last had my period. I’m not sure if I should be worried or just hang in there and wait for my non-existent period to show up. Anyone have any advice?

  19. I took the morning after the pill last month and had my period normally since then I had protected sex several times but I’m 8 days late is this regular ? An I pregnant ?

  20. i got my period on the 25th of october & i had sex on halloween the 31st & it is now December 3rd I’m super late for my period. The condom I guess ripped & Im seriously freaking out, I took the plan B the day after.. I don’t have any signs of early pregnancy. My boobs are fine and I have had discharge but i had it since i got off my period… I’m freaking out… someone help….

  21. I had sex on 20 and 21 comes my period but since then I. Feel. Different vomiting and. Stomach problems.also. Am still having sex.Am I pregnant?

  22. I had unprotected sex on sept 2 with my bf. He mentioned not doing it inside me, managed ro pull out but we still went to go get plan b. I took it 30min after we had sex. A week later i was fine, the week after that i had tender breast and the week after that i had spotting. I did 2 pregnancy test and both came out negative. I was suppose to get my period sept23 and still havent gotten it. I have no symptoms anymore but we are freaking out idk what to do.

  23. I know this thread is older but let me tell you guys my experience. I have taken plan b before and gotten it about a week or two after my previous period, but not this time. My boyfriend and I had sex and our condom had a tiny hole in the tip of it so I took one about 12 hours after that. I took it and got nothing but cramps for weeks and brown spotting. I also kept having some nasty headaches and I was stressing out about it not starting in general. A couple times I was even sick to my stomach. It finally started today; I had a 31 day cycle. Please don’t stress out too much because I eventually got mine and stressing was the last thing I should have done. I just thought I should post to this thread to make any of you that have the same symptoms as me feel better.

  24. its 2017! USE PROTECTION …

  25. Mnguni portia says:

    HI. I was on injection of family planning 1 year 5 months, I stop using it on may 2017 and since then I haven’t seen my period and I was having unprotected sex for two months without seeing my period till now.is it possible for me to be pregnant?

  26. I have intercoure with my boyfriend on very end day of my period(19th july)and its was with condom bt for safe side i took plan b within four hours of intercourse.After 7 days (26july)igot periods lasted for 4 days and it was same like nrml.My regular periods suposed to be 14to 18th august bt its 20th aug now and i havent my periods bt im having heavy cramping no other symptom ,i also did test which are negative …one of them i did at morning.plsss help me what should i do m worieddd ????is im pregnant????

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