I Took the Plan B Morning After Pill But No Period


My period started normally on April 3rd, and lasted about 7 days. My boyfriend and i had sex with a condom, on April 13th 2010. The condom broke, so the next morning we went to Planned Parenthood and got a day after pill. (Plan B One-Step) It had two pills, but the lady said to take them both at once. I took the pills within 14 hours. 4 days after i took the pill, i got a brownish discharge for about 3 days. I though maybe it was side effects from the Pills. It stopped, and i just decided to wait for my period. My period is late, (Today being May 9, 2010). I took a pregnancy test on May 7th, 2010, and i was negative. I sill have not gotten my period. I am worried, and need your help! Please.


Dear Worried,

Thank you for your question. It’s typical to have some spotting a few days after taking the Plan B pills (which is similar to taking a very high dosage of birth control pills). It may also “mess up” your normal menstrual cycle causing you to miss your next period or making your next period (or two) be lighter or heavier than normal. You could take a pregnancy test in a week just to triple check, but you should be fine since your symptoms are pretty much in line with the normal side effects. Your cycle should return back to normal within the next month or two.

Hope this helps!



  1. i got my periods on 19 july as per schedule ….i took an i pill on 27 july ….i got my periods on 3rd august …….when will my next periods come ………n m i pregnant ?

  2. Hi there, I’m just frustrated and dont know what is going on but I ovulated on July 30th and I had sex the 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th and I wanted to know if I could be pregnant?


  3. hannah,
    on 4th july i had my last period and on 20th july i had unprotected sex but within 4hrs i took i-pill(unwnted-72)..6days have gone i haven’t yet got my period..i am really very worried..am i pregnant???i don’t want to get pregnant now..please help..

  4. My last period was on started on July 18, 2011 I had un protected sex on July 24, 2011 my boyfriend asked me to have a baby with him and then we had sex on August 6, But he change his mind sobi took a plan B 30 hours after that they could I be pregnant???? Please answer me please I am sooooo worried…..

  5. My last period started on July 18, 2011 I had un protected sex on July 24, 2011 my boyfriend asked me to have a baby with him and then we had sex on August 6, But he change his mind so I took a plan B 30 hours after that day, could I be pregnant???? Please answer me please I am sooooo worried…

  6. Hi! Okay my last period was July 10, 2011 and I had sex few days after my period stopped but the condom got ” lefted behind in my vagina” as weird as that sounds lol so I took plan b the next day. One pill basically dissolved in my mouth while the other went down well. A few days after I had unprotected sex. Now it is August 20th and I still haven’t gotten my period so I am ten days late, but I haven’t had morning sickness, although I can’t recall the last time I vomited, do you think I am pregnant?? I’m terrified, and if you think I am pregnant which sexual contact do you think it could be from? the the time before I took plan b or the time after??

  7. Kinda Stressed Out says:

    Me and my boyfriend had sex.. it was my first time and we used a condom. I wasnt on birth control so later on i started to worry that i could get pregnant. I took the morning after pill (plan b) and about a week later i had what seemed to be, a full blown period.. lasted 7 days as per usual. But it was about a week early for my normal period. Im expecting my period any day now.. but its already 5 days late. Help! could i be pregnant? or should i try relax and stop worrying? Ive heard plan b can mess up your normal cycle and could even cause you to miss your period.

  8. okay so, first off.. my last period was July 27th, 2011. me and my boyfriend had sex on the 12th of August, and the condom broke. i have never taken birth control, but i took the Plan B onestep pill 16 hours after the sex. my period was due the 26th of august. it is september 2nd and i still havent gotten it. although, i have regular symptoms of my period (sore breasts, achey back, headache) that i usually get before my period comes, so im hoping i will have it within a few days. but its a week late and im very scared. can you please tell me if something similar has happened to you?? and if you think i will be alright??

  9. Hannah!
    I had sex with ma girl without a condom n i ejaculated in her like 4 times . 3 times on the end of her period and 1 when she was off of it. It happened everyday from sept2nd 2011- sept4th she got on her period on the sept 1st. Im not sure if its been past three days n i hear yucant take the pill after 3 days that it happened. The question i am trying to ask is If she is past three days n takes the pill what would happen to her?

  10. Hi
    I took a morning after pill and two weeks later I started having period and my breasts have been saw. Eversince then I have been in pain.What could have been a problem and would I be pregnant?

  11. My last period strted on August the 4 and lasted about 7 days. I had unprotected sex on the 12th. The next day I took the morning after pill. Then I had unprotected sex again on the 17th. I went to my doctor on the 18th for a physical they did a pregnancy test which was negative. On the 19th I took the morning after pill again. The first dose at 2 pm and the second dose around 10 or 11 am. Now my period is late. Can I be pregnant?

  12. I took plan b sometime in mid July, and got my period as expected around July 20th. Then in early August there could have been a possibility of pregnancy and I missed my August period. I have taken a few hpt’s since then and all have come back negative. It;s been a month since that incident but the tests are all coming back negative so i’m wondering, could my period be messed up the month AFTER I took the plan b?

  13. I has unprotected sex with my bf and it was the day after the last day of my period and he swears he didn’t cum inside me, just precum, and I took plan b within that hour. Can I be pregnant?

    • Your probability for getting pregnant from that incident is extremely very, very small … my bet is that you’re definitely not pregnant from that incident.

      • Thank u for the response, also what would be the earliest I can take home pregnancy test

        • To have the home pregnancy test give you the best results, I would recommend waiting to take one until the day when your next expected period should have ended. Of course, if your next period comes, then there’s no need to take it. However, since you did take Plan B, that can also mess up your cycle and may make your next period be early, late or missed completely.

  14. Ok thanks

  15. Hi,
    On Wednesday 21st I had sex with my fiancée without a condom. He did not ejaculate in me. I have worrying slot about this. On Friday I got the plan b pill. I feel some cramps only at the moment. What should I do after this? Will I get my period anytime soon?

    Thanks for advice

  16. Dear Hannah,
    Good mourning. My boyfriend n I had sex and a few times for some reason the condom kept coming off inside of me after he ejaculated. It was so far in me that it took quite a while trying to get it out. I didn’t take the pill at that time n it was nearly a month ago. Then we had sex yesterday n the condom broke! I’m also late on my period. And ive been pregnant before n i heard ur more likely to get prego after recently haveing q baby I took a test and it said negitive. But as I said, I’m late. If I was pregnant n didn’t kno it n then took the pill, what could happen?? If I finally found out I was pregnant n I took the pill before I knew, would that harm the baby? Cuz if I knew I would have NEVER took the pill. I’m very scared. Plz help me!
    Thanks formbeing there not only for me but for everyone ekes swell! I really hope to hear from u soon. I am very concerned.

  17. I’m very worried… I had sex with my girlfriend on september 25 at night. We were using a condom and it broke i didn’t release in her but Im not sure if my pre cum had any sperm in. Im not sure if i masturbated saturday the 24th but sunday i take a piss like always and shower and wash my penis me and my girlfriend went out all day and i was pissing every 1 to 2 hrs we had sex at night and condom broke but i didnt release in her but im not sure if i had pre cum can she be pregnant?? Please help

  18. I took a Next Choice pill on August 18 and the second one on the 19th (12 hrs after the 1st pill). I starting bleeding on August 23rd and stopped on the 26th. My period was suppose to come on the 23rd of this month and I have no received it. I have been having a headache for the past week and no medications I take seems to work. This morning I woke up with stomach pains feel nauseous. I have also been experiencing cramps along with the same headache. Could I be pregnant?

  19. hi
    i am very scared didnt got my periods ……finished periods on 11 aug and on 12 aug had sex and then on 13 took 72 hours pills from NHS and then again had sex on 4 sept and didnt use any contraception but my partner didnt release anythng insde me ….my periods were dur on 15 sept but it didnt came and had done many pregrency test all are negative its 3 oct now still didnt got period. Can someone please help ??????

  20. Dear Hannah,

    I had unprotected Sex on 6th sept @ noon ,then at 17.00 pm, My Boyfrnd did ejaculate inside, at 10.15 pm, I had taken ipill, but still am not having my Menstr. I had vomit n head aches… today its 3rd Oct, Is there a change of being Pregnant??

    • Neha – When did your last period begin and end? When did you take the i-pill (i.e. what day and what time of day)? Have you taken any recent pregnancy test?

  21. Hi,
    Last I had it on 24th , it was on tuesday, then I took the i-pill on same day (i.e appr. 10 hours later).No , I hav n’t taken any test yet!!

    • Neha, Most likely your irregular period is being caused by the i-pill. I would still recommend you take a home pregnancy test (just to err on the safe side). However, the odds of you being pregnant are very small.

  22. Ok n thnxx!!!!!!!

  23. Hi Hannah

    l dont remember my last period or when l am going to have the next one.My last period was in August then in September my bf and l had a sex then he cam in me so l took a morning after pill after that hour then after that week same thing happend and l took the morning pill again.l then started being on the pill and have missed my september period.Is there a chance that l might be pregnant or its just a late period again am still on the pill and just wondering if this might affect the pregnancy if l am pregnant.

  24. Panicking kim says:

    we had unprotected sex twice in a night. He pulled out before he ejaculated but I’m still freaking out because he would thrust in deep…I took plan b one step about 14 hours later and a friend had asked when my last period was (about two weeks ago now) and I may be ovulating…will I be okay? Also im not really having any symptoms, just some slight cramping…is that normal? How effective is the EC since I took it within 24 hours?

    Please answer these questions Asap!! I cannot stop panicking..:/


  25. Hello….
    humne sex kia with condom but mujhe little bit doubt hai……coz mera peroid 21 ko hote the but is bar jaldi ho gaye aur jb period kahtam ho gaye tab humne sex kia tha with condom but thora doubt hai ki mera bf ki finger mera thor sa sperm toh ni lag k chala gay tha……phir peroid khatam hone k 4-5 days k baad phr aaj mujhe thora bleeding hue aur pain bhi……plz mujhe yeh bataye ki mai pregnant toh ni hu??????

  26. Had unprotected sex with my bf 3weeks back. But I did t00k morning after pill 4hours after having sex. I didn’t get any side effects like before so was kinda w0rried if it worked or n0t.
    Than I g0t my periods a week after taking the pill and it was very s00ner than I expected and it lasted 7days and it was very heavier than normal.
    I’m scared 2 taking a pregnency test…
    Help could I be pregnent??

  27. alvina gul khan says:

    hi hannah i heard alot about you i need your help before one month me and my boyfriend had done unprotected sex but after 10 minutes i had taken emergency contreceptive pills 2 pills so after 20 days i was worried so i consulted a doctor and she suggest me to take progestin so now one month had gone and i am not having her period what to do plz help me and i have felt no symptoms of pregnancy

    • By taking emergency contraception right away, you should be fine (and not pregnant). Your odds for becoming pregnant are very slim. Have you started taking birth control pills? I wouldn’t be worried about a skipped or delayed period. That can be caused by the emergency contraception or in conjunction with the birth control pills if you’ve just started them. If you want to err on the safe side, you could take a home pregnancy test, but it should come back negative.


  28. Hannah

    I have a question to ask you ! Hope you could help
    I usually get my period around 1-3 of each month on September
    1st 2011I stared my period it lasted 6 days September 30 2011 I
    Had unprotected sex he pull out that happen like at 2:00am so the
    Next morning at 10:00am I took a day afther pill and at 10:00pm
    I took the second pill because it said to wait 12 hr from the first pill
    I stared my period October 6 2011 it lasted 6 days and then October
    18-19 2011 I was spotting really light bleeding I been feeling really
    Tired an my stomach hurt a little I been feeling bloathed
    And last night I vomit so I just want to know if I could be pregnet

  29. i had unprotected sex, 32 hours later i took the first tablet of next choice, than 13 hours i took the second tablet. i have experienced some weird side effects or its just my nerves from being so worried. anyways i have been super hungry for the last four days since taking the pill. i have had swollen/tender breast, very tired, swollen belly (bloated), cramping, moodiness (irritable). could some of that be from the stress of thinking im pregnant? and do you think im in the clear from being pregnant because i did have sex really close to ovulation, or i took the pill on ovulation day could i be pregnant?

  30. I had sex with my boyfriend at 2:30 am on Saturday, he only pre cumed and on Monday around 3:40 I took the plan b one step and up till now Thursday I haven’t had any side affects and iam really scared to be pregnant bcuz iam only 15:'(

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