I Took Plan B One-Step and Haven’t Had My Period

Plan B One-Step, No Period writes:

Dear Hannah,

I had sex last Friday, May 14. The condom completely broke at some point, but it was definitely some time pre-ejaculation.

I took Plan B One-Step about 5 hours later. My period tends to run irregular on occasion and sometimes comes late. I should have started my period 2-3 days ago. I have taken two pregnancy tests, both of which were negative. Is it too early to tell? The Plan B box said I’m probably pregnant if your period doesn’t start within the week. I’m really scared. Any advice will help! Thanks!

Dear Plan B One-Step, No Period,

That’s an original name =] Do you have any idea when your period in April began and ended? The Plan B box has that warning on it, because they don’t want anyone to just assume that by taking the Plan B One Step that they will be guaranteed to not be pregnant. Because you took the emergency contraception right away, the odds of being pregnant are very slim (probably about a 10% chance). However, a home pregnancy test won’t be able to do its job well for most people until right after your expected period should have ended.

If I were you, I’d wait a full week and then take another pregnancy test first thing in the morning (with your concentrated urine). If there is any hCG in your body (which would mean there was a fertilized egg), then that should detect it. If the test comes back negative and you’re still not completely sure that you’re not pregnant, then take another HPT a week later.

Now, back to your delayed or skipped period. While the Plan B box does state that, it’s also important to remember that a common side effect of Plan B One Step is a delayed or lighter or heavier period. That just makes everything all the more confusing, doesn’t it! (Sorry!!!) My personal inclination is that you are not pregnant and that your cycle is just messed up by the super dose of hormone from taking the pill. Please do keep us posted as you find out what is going on.

Best of luck,



  1. Scaredy Cat says:

    I had sex 2 days after my period. My period was June 25-June 29. I am on birth control so my periods are regular. I had sex on July 1 and wasn’t worried because I am on the pill and it was right after my period. I later realized that my antibiotics interfere with my birth control so I went to get Plan B One Step and took it immediately 12 hours later. I did not spot any after I took it. My next period was due on July 24, according to my birth control pills, and it is now the 26 and I haven’t started. I know that it may come within the week of when my period was supposed to start, according to the box, but I am afraid because in 2 days I will go back to taking the normal birth control pills and therefore I couldn’t have a period. If it doesn’t come within the next 2 days, should I delay starting a new pack of birth control? Thanks so much for the help.

  2. I need help I had sex on aug 12 with out using a condom and I took plan b on the 13th and I still haven’t hot my period I did Pregnancy test and it said not pregnant and now it’s been 31 days and I still haven’t got my period please help me I need answers.

  3. LovelessSlip says:

    ok, so i had gotten back with my ex for a 2 month spand. and well my last cycle was feb 10 and i was off by the 15th… well later that week to celebrate a late valentines day cuz we couldnt see each other on the real valentines day we had sex on the 18th. by then i was completely off my cycle. right at the end of us having sex, all of a sudden i feel a leek coming out from the condom on the outside. i freak out and tell him to pull out now. he does and the condom get stuck inside. i reach in and pull it out. (i know probably tmi but i dont want there to be any left out incase of relevency) i freak out and have a friend help me get the one-step plan b pill since neither him nor i can drive. i take the pill about 6 hours after the slip. i come home and i crash out for like 14 hours. i was told that u r suppose to flush if u will when these kinds of accidents happened. but i never did. (finding this out alil too late) i never got any kinda of brown or rusty discharge from the pill. and i could had sworn that about 2 weeks after the pill i started to ovulate cuz i had the typical clear discharge like i normally would. but now its a full 8 days since my missed period. i’ve read that sometimes the pill can all together make u skip ur cycle if it was ur first time. (like it was mine) i have been silently freaking out about this slip since then. and not had sex since that time too. btw i do no smoke, drink, or do any kind of drugs. the most i do is drink 3 cups of yerba mate tea a day and take my anti-depressants. oh and another thing. i am only 18 but i have always had a pretty consistant cycle. max of 2 days late or early. so my biggest question is, should i run to nearest pharacy and get a test as soon as possible or am i just freaking out more than i should be?

  4. I had unprotected sex while i wasn’t on birth control (stupid, I know). I took Plan B the very next day. I was told by the pharmacist that if I didn’t get my period within 3 weeks of taking the pill, there is a possibility that I could be pregnant. Today is the 3 week mark of taking the pill and i still have no sign that my period is coming.. should i take a pregnancy test, or is it still too early?

  5. dear Hanna,

    I had sex with on sunday the 12 of this month and the condom broke, i took the plan b one ste seven hours later but idk when to expect my period since i dont really have a period every month and sometimes i can go six month without a period, what can i do? is it right to take birth control pills after taking the planb one step? or how long i have to wait to star taking them ?

  6. Worried out my mind!! says:

    i had sex with my boyfriend and we went and got the plan b pill right after!! I was a month behind on my period when we first did it and now I’m two months late. But i took the pill ASAP so i don’t think i’m pregnant but idk what to do!!

    • Yeah, that is odd. The Plan B pill could easily cause you to skip your 2nd period, but why did you skip your 1st one? Had you had unprotected sex previously? Did you make any major diet changes or start exercising (especially horseback riding or bike riding)? Have you been stressed by anything or sick recently?

    • I’m literally going through the same thing rn. My periods always been sorta irregular but Before I have long unprotected sex I was late on my period. I took plan b the morning right after and Its been like 3 days and I still haven’t gotten my period it was already late before the unprotected sex. And i haven’t even been getting cramps. I’m scared and I’m 15… What were you’re results? Help.

  7. I’m worried

    Me and my girlfriend were messing around not intercourse and it slipped in and was in for probably no more than 5 seconds I know she usually has her period sometime in the teens of each month. She took plan B one step approx 50-55 hours after that slip up (no ejaculation like I said just a few seconds) and now it’s a week later after taking the pill and it’s the 21st and I’m wonder if there is reason for concern I know we waited awhile to take the pill and that’s what worries me……

  8. Hello,

    I had unprotected sex on June 16th around 3pm {thts when the guy pulled out and he had to finish on his own so im wary of pre-cum as the culprit} and took the Plan B One- around 13 hours later.

    My periods are irregular becuase I’ll either bleed normally for 7 days or skip a month and get a 9 day period. My last period was regular 7 days and ended on the 2nd or 3rd of June.

    I’m really worried and confused about how to go about handling my situation. I know Plan B messes with the menstrual cycle but I dont know when I should take the pregnancy test because of the rregularity in my cycle.

    Please Help. Thank You.

  9. Hello,

    I had unprotected sex on June 16th around 3pm {thts when the guy pulled out and he had to finish on his own so im wary of pre-cum as the culprit} and took the Plan B One- around 13 hours later.

    My periods are irregular becuase I’ll either bleed normally for 7 days or skip a month and get a 9 day period. My last period was regular 7 days and ended on the 2nd or 3rd of June.

    I’m really worried and confused about how to go about handling my situation. I also did not discharge the brown substance that I frequently see in posts nor have I experienced any of the side effects other then me bloating like crazy. I know Plan B messes with the menstrual cycle but I dont know when I should take the pregnancy test because of the rregularity in my cycle.

    Please Help. Thank You.

  10. no period 2 months after plan b one step! says:

    I had sex on June 2nd 2011, the very next day, less than 24 hrs hours later i took the pill. I never got a period or any kind of spotting. My boobs have been sore for like a month now and I have not had sex since then. Idk if Im pregnant or not, because I dont think my period should be this late, and the second month I have not had any symptoms of anything except for sore breast. I need answers cos im all worried and junk.
    Please and thank youuuu

  11. Ms. Worries Alot says:

    hi, i had sex about a week and a half ago. Im not on any kind of birthcontrol and we didnt have a condom. My Husband pulled out but he wanted me to take Plan B one-step just in case. A few hours after we had sex we went out to get the pill and i took it that same day. I was supposed to get my period about 2 days ago. Im starting to get a bit worried.. sideeffects on box do state that the pill can change your period.. but i was wonder how common it really is? and how long i should wait before getting an at home pregnancy check?

  12. I had sex two days after my last period and used a condom, my boyfriend said that some of the semen was coming out of the base of the condom so i got worried and within 24 hours i took plan b one step, i had spotting a week later, and now it is nov 9 and my last period started on the 7th, i had cramps on and off yesterday, i’m hoping that this is a sign of my period but the one thing that isn’t happening is my boobs aren’t sore.. im too scared to take a test but does it mess up your symptoms too? i’m just worried

  13. Pregnancy Testing after Emergency Contraception says:

    Dear Hannah,
    I had sex last Friday at about 5pm. My partner ejaculated while wearing a condom, but at some point in time between ejaculating and pulling out (which probably was about three-five minutes), the condom slipped off inside me. I took Plan B One Step less than twenty-four hours later, but I was just curious as to when I should take a pregnancy test. I am due for my period in about a week, give or take a day or so. I really need to know, seeing as I am seventeen, and having a child at this age would not be very good for me, my partner, or a baby.

  14. Maria tremblay says:

    Ok so April 11 I had unprotected sex, he didn’t cum in me. I took plan b the next morning. I was told to take a test may 3rd…..and I’m really scared,l,I don’t want to be pregnant. I’m pretty sure he was dry going in and coming out. Any help would be helpful!

  15. Cassie says:

    I made love to my husband to be, 2 days after my period, “8th April” he said he didn’t ejaculate but I was so worried so we decided I take plan b just in case, so I got bloated as if I’m gonna get my period then after 2weeks”22 April”of taking plan b, I got some brown spotting which lasted about 3days. I continued being bloated, sore breast and all 2 weeks “2 May”after the spotting, so I decided to take a pregnancy test it came out negative but I’m still waiting for my period,”5 May” could I be pregnant? Sometimes I feel pregnant and some days I don’t. PLEASE HELP! I’m Super PARANOID.

  16. esterday I experienced a sharp and unbearable abdominal pain, so I decided to go see a doctor today and still I’m awaiting my period there is just no sign of it at all. WORRIED. I will get back to u with my results, I’m super WORRIED.

  17. Hi, its really been a steepy road for me. I did the blood tests at the doctor and I was neg and so I went to see the gyno he put me under scan and said I have a small cyst and I don’t need to worry about it it will go away when my period come. So I waited for my period and the paid got less sharp as days pass by, doctor gave me pills to regulate my hormones as the ec messed up my cycle he gave me “Duphaston 10mg” to drink for 10 days and told me my period will come after 10 days and it didn’t come. So my results for pap smear came back normal and they told me I have bladder infection so a day before I could finish “Duphaston” they called me to get pills for bladder infection so they gave me “Zinnat 500mg” I took these pills for only 2 days then now as I type I have started my period. The last time I saw my period was 5th April and today is 26 May. You can imagine my stress all through. I have been where you are, wondering if I’m pregnant or not, brown spotting thinking its your period, getting some silly non-existing symptoms of pregnancy but preg test come back neg. I’ve been there stay strong. I did for almost 2months.

  18. Hi so i had unprotected sex a month ago, he didnt go inside me,later that day i started to bleed heavily for two days( i had taken plan b a week before this) I took plan b two days after having sex and i havent gotten my period yet. I have been peeing frequently and have felt extremely bloated. My period is irregular some times i get it in the middle of the month or at the very end of the month. Is it possible im pregnant?

  19. No period says:

    I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and took the pill 2 hours later. Got a light period for 4 days. I’m always regular. I’m every 28 days. I took 3 pregnancy tests and I am not 43 days late. Last time I took a pregnancy test was on Friday 27th. Is it very possible for women to miss their second period?

  20. Johann Banchs says:

    The last day of my period was june 26 and that same day I had unprotected sex next day at noon I took the plan B pill but is august 4 and i haven got my period yet!!!!!!!!could I be pregnant?

  21. I take a pregant it came postive and I take plan b. I need help.

  22. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend last week thursday I took the pill saturday and I don’t think he came inside of me but I haven’t had my period yet and I’m scared please help!!!!

  23. I had unprotected sex. The next day i took the pill and got my period. It lasted for 8 days. Normally it lasts 5-6. Im late, its been 3.5weeks, theres spotting. But no cramps or symptoms. I toom teo test and they’re both negative? I dony feel sick, my boobs are the same and i dont think ive pickrd up weight.
    So heres where i am confused!!!! HELP ME. Do i wait longer or go for a blood test??

  24. Hello,
    Im very concerned about not getting my period. I had sex with my boyfriend two weeks ago. First the condom slipped off somehow, he put anew one and it broke. I took plan B the day later. It’s been two weeks and haven’t gotten my period. I took a pregnancy test last week and it came up negative. I am extremely irregular. I get my period every two-three months or so. Could I be pregnant because there was multiple ejaculation before i took the pill?

  25. Moon Sarkar says:

    i had sex with my bf on 18 or 19 march.and that the time 10 pm i took a pill.and 26 march my period runng.so what will be the chancess in pregnency?

  26. i had sex 2 days after my period and the condom broke there was definitely ejaculation. I took the plan b 12 hours after and a week later I got what seemed like my period, therefore I had my period twice in a month. My period is regular so I should have gotten it but I haven’t and it’s been 35 days. I took 3 pregnancy test and they were all negative, should I take a blood test?

    • I took plan b a week later got the 5 day period now me n my fiance ended up having sex again he came a Lil in me and my regular period has not come yet. I had one positive test and. Four negative. It has been 31 days since my plan b period AM I PREGNANT???

  27. I was a week late on taking plan b pill. Im bleeding heavy now but showing positive. What should I do?

    • Like bleeding heavy passing blood clots but I feel fine. Was cramping really bad 1 day. But been bleeding now for 4 day like a regular period. The first 3 days were horrible.

  28. I had protected sex about a week ago the condom broke but no ejaculation he immediately. Pulled out and ejaculated 1 day after I took the plan b later that evening the tip of the condom came out of me. My period was due 2 to 3 days ago I am very worried I may b pregnant. Help!

  29. Shalonda Hatten says:

    I had sex May 20 and May 27 i took the plan b pill may 31 i started spotting June 3 on and off brown and light pink i didn’t get my period June 9 can i be pregnant

  30. Nervous says:

    I was looking for any words or support from anyone who may know the answers to this to help me stop worrying so much…but about 2-3 weeks ago, me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex. I have been taking the birth control pill for about 4 months now, and I am pretty good at taking it at the same time every single day. The next day after we had sex, I went and bought Plan B. I was supposed to get my period this morning/last night, since that is when my birth control pills narrowed it down to. I know that Plan B can delay your period, or mess it up…but I am really worried. If anyone knows anything, or that I am okay and NOT pregnant…that would really help me out. Thank you.

    ALSO: I wasn’t sure if I even needed to take Plan B, since I take birth control pills. I am really nervous that taking both at the same time may hurt my body, or something like that :( If anyone knows anything about this, and if I am okay…please let me know. Thank you for any help!

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