I Took Plan B One-Step and Haven’t Had My Period

Plan B One-Step, No Period writes:

Dear Hannah,

I had sex last Friday, May 14. The condom completely broke at some point, but it was definitely some time pre-ejaculation.

I took Plan B One-Step about 5 hours later. My period tends to run irregular on occasion and sometimes comes late. I should have started my period 2-3 days ago. I have taken two pregnancy tests, both of which were negative. Is it too early to tell? The Plan B box said I’m probably pregnant if your period doesn’t start within the week. I’m really scared. Any advice will help! Thanks!

Dear Plan B One-Step, No Period,

That’s an original name =] Do you have any idea when your period in April began and ended? The Plan B box has that warning on it, because they don’t want anyone to just assume that by taking the Plan B One Step that they will be guaranteed to not be pregnant. Because you took the emergency contraception right away, the odds of being pregnant are very slim (probably about a 10% chance). However, a home pregnancy test won’t be able to do its job well for most people until right after your expected period should have ended.

If I were you, I’d wait a full week and then take another pregnancy test first thing in the morning (with your concentrated urine). If there is any hCG in your body (which would mean there was a fertilized egg), then that should detect it. If the test comes back negative and you’re still not completely sure that you’re not pregnant, then take another HPT a week later.

Now, back to your delayed or skipped period. While the Plan B box does state that, it’s also important to remember that a common side effect of Plan B One Step is a delayed or lighter or heavier period. That just makes everything all the more confusing, doesn’t it! (Sorry!!!) My personal inclination is that you are not pregnant and that your cycle is just messed up by the super dose of hormone from taking the pill. Please do keep us posted as you find out what is going on.

Best of luck,



  1. Nervous says:

    I was looking for any words or support from anyone who may know the answers to this to help me stop worrying so much…but about 2-3 weeks ago, me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex. I have been taking the birth control pill for about 4 months now, and I am pretty good at taking it at the same time every single day. The next day after we had sex, I went and bought Plan B. I was supposed to get my period this morning/last night, since that is when my birth control pills narrowed it down to. I know that Plan B can delay your period, or mess it up…but I am really worried. If anyone knows anything, or that I am okay and NOT pregnant…that would really help me out. Thank you.

    ALSO: I wasn’t sure if I even needed to take Plan B, since I take birth control pills. I am really nervous that taking both at the same time may hurt my body, or something like that :( If anyone knows anything about this, and if I am okay…please let me know. Thank you for any help!

    • If you are taking birth control, you do not have to take plan B.. But because you took plan B, that’s probably the reason why your period is delayed. But if you are still worried, you can either buy yourself a pregnancy test to take at home or go to a clinic to have them check to see if you are pregnant.

  2. anxious moment. says:

    am 47yrsold what do i need to do to get pregnant?

  3. Hi Hannah! I did abortion in November 1st 2016 and never since then I haven’t see my period because it my first time of doing it so I don’t have the idea, hope nothing it wrong wit me or it not time for it to come yet? Normally my period do come on the 5 or 13 or 25 BT now am convinced

  4. I took a next plan contraceptive pill within 60 hours and a day after i had sex n took a postinor 2 pill withinthe 12 hour and i had sex 2 days after that and my boyfriend came inside of me and i took a another emergency pill. Now am feeling alot of belly pain and tenderness of breast and something i feel am going to die and i missed my period is there any chance of me been pregnant ?

  5. Hi i took a plan b jan 1st and its been 3 weeks n i still havent got my period n its now jan 26 im nervous wat do i do

  6. Beatrice Akuamoah says:

    Hloo l menstruated on 24th February 2017 so should I expect another period again

  7. Katherine says:

    I toke my pill on march 14 .my period haven’t come I’m little worry.it about to be 2weeks know😬

  8. Crystal says:

    I took plan b almost 2 weeks ago and haven’t started my period what should I do ? Is this Norma

  9. I took plan b about 2-3 days before my period was to start and it’s been a week now and I havnt started my period.

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