Do tender nipples mean I’m pregnant?

Dear Hannah, I think that I may be pregnant but I’m really not sure.  I know that doctors say that your breasts begin to get swollen or tender when you’re pregnant, but it’s really my nipples that are tender.

I’m supposed to get my period around next week, but my doctor’s appointment isn’t until next month. I was wondering, should I wait until my period ends (if it comes) or just wait to go to the doctor? Also, I was wondering, is it possible for me this early to start experiencing the signs of pregnancy in the same week?

Thanks! Melina

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Dear Melina,

Excellent questions.  Nipple tenderness doesn’t necessarily mean that you may be pregnant. It is believed to be caused by an excess or imbalance in the female hormones estrogen, progesterone or prolactin. Women experiencing it say it tends to get worse with emotional stress or prolonged activity.

Excessive amounts of salt, fat & caffeine can also aggravate it. It could be caused by fluid retention in your breasts, which may make them swollen and quite tender. Many people experience nipple and/or breast tenderness on a regular basis around the time of ovulation.

If your tenderness doesn’t disappear in two weeks, then I would begin getting concerned that it might be a symptom of being pregnant, though other causes are still possible. Since you haven’t missed you period yet, I wouldn’t be too concerned just yet.

If I were you, I’d wait until your regularly scheduled doctor’s visit. You could always purchase an over-the-counter pregnancy test kit and try that if you miss your next period. And, yes, it is possible to experience the signs of pregnancy during the first week (though many don’t know until they’ve missed their first period).  In a future post, we’ll go over the basic symptoms of early pregnancy.


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Thank you. This information was very helpful. So far this is the only site to explain what might be wrong with myself. I too am having nipple sensitivity. I’m 25, and I’ve started taking prenatal vitamins for the positive effects of the vitamin – not the prenatal part. (though I wish :)

I still have some concerns, my period has been really messed up for a couple of months now. But, for now, my mind has been put at ease thank you!


Some additional questions/comments from our readers:

Me and my friend had sex at the beginning of this week, and I haven’t really been feeling too good. I knew that we used a condom, but at the same time I knew that the condom had bust. I just want to know does that mean that I am pregnant cause my breast have been sore, and i had found crust around my nipple and after I peeled it off some clear stuff came out it


Dear Shabrina,

It’s really too early to tell if you’re pregnant; it would be best, though, to take a home pregnancy test if you miss your next period. The soreness in your breast could be related to your normal menstrual cycle (i.e. it could mean that you are ovulating right now). The nipple crusties and the clear fluid coming out of your nipples also doesn’t mean that you are pregnant; there’s debate about what exactly may cause this. Some medications are believed to do this, and overly nipple loving guys (those that just love to suck away) can irritate your boobs and some girls have experienced some leakage as a result. I wouldn’t be too concerned about this if it’s a rare event; however, if you experience the nipple leakage on a repeated basis, then I’d recommend you see your doctor to find out what they think.



  1. Melina?
    I had sore nipples last two weeks and I had unprotected sex within the two weeks.
    my period isn’t expected until 4 days time.
    Want to know if I could get pregnant….

  2. Hey. I had my last period on 8th March. After that I only had oral sex but I believe that his penis was near my vaginal opening (most probably had seen on it). After that, on 13th April, I had extreme pain in my lower back and my stomach but I did bleed for 3 days. But my normal period lasts for 5 days and I usually have more blood loss. The back pain and stomach pain completely disappeared after I took some medications meant for infection. Right now, I do feel bloated, my nipples are tender and I feel weak. I took a pregnancy test on 6th may and it turned out to be negative. Is it possible for me to be pregnant since I do have a few symptoms but a negative test?

  3. Hi my name is Emily and I’m 21,I had this thing- I used to had my menstrual period irregularly starting from the day I first had it. Sometimes I could lived 2-5 months without seeing it. Anyways I had sex with my boyfriend before my period around February,I thought it’s still ok because I haven’t seen it 3 months ago…But now I’m beginning to wonder am I being pregnant or not,because lately I experienced some symptoms of pregnancy like constipation, cramps and even my nipples are sore.
    Is it possible that I’m pregnant?I was confused because even I go through these I even saw my period or what is it called?it’s like not normal but light.

  4. My last period was 20th n I had sex on my ovulation n ten days after that. Am experiencing heavy breast n my period has not come can I be pregnant

  5. Hi I was on the injection in May last never went back for my next shot, my period was irregular, I was intimate on the 4th August, on the 12th I had what I thought was a period but really light flow more pain for 5 days there after I had a heavy flow on the 25th again for a week, I am extremely tired have sensitive breastskin my eating patterns have changed bloated and was naseus for abt a week and it went away…what I need to know is with all the irregular periods I had could I still be pregnant

  6. I have always had irregular periods and when I use to take the Depo shots it stopped my periods completely . I then switched over to the pills (I haven’t been taking them like suppose to and eventually ended up stopping them) I still haven’t received my periods back so I don’t know if I ovulate or not. I’m still sexually active and it’s unprotected with my boyfriend. For the past two days my nipples have been extremely sensitive, erected, and sore. When I did get my periods I would get minor breast tenderness and I would know my period was due. However this feeling is nothing I felt before and I don’t know the chances of me being pregnant. If I should test when should I? Help!!

  7. my period have always been regular until i started trying to get pregnant last month i missed my period but i wasn’t pregnant this month i also missed my period ,but pregnancy test still come out negative if i go to an ob/gyn what exactly will she do to check what is going on.?

  8. Aisha Ibrahim says:

    Hi,am feeling tired all over my body and Brest is sore and very big, am expecting my mensis on 7 of Nov, am I pregnant

  9. I have pretty irregular periods but 3 weeks ago I had protected sex and the condom didn’t break and I don’t think anything leaked but I’m scared that after when I was getting dressed I might’ve gotten some cum on my hand and touched my vagina somehow. I’m experiencing tender Nipples, bloating some nausea, cramping and constipation. I am worried that I may be pregnant. My period is extremely irregular and is sometimes late and sometimes early. I have also been very stressed recently due to my anxiety. My last period came on the 25th of October and it has been 6 days since. Could I be pregnant?

  10. I have been having irregular period for the past 7months now. I had it on 26th October &13th November. I was expecting it again on the 11th December and up till now is yet to come.
    Also the tip of my nipples is sore. Does that means am pregnant. Thank you.

  11. ALICE CAMPBELL says:

    I have had my tubes tied for over 9 years now, and I have split with my ex husband and dating a new guy for a year now! My boobs have been sore since about 2 weeks after my last period and im due to start today but no signs yet! I always spot a couple of days in advance! I also keep getting this sharp pain in my lower right side of my stomach, around where my ovarion tube would be on my right, ive had 4 kids and I would compare it to Braxton hicks!! Do u think it could be possible that im pregnant? I don’t even want to wear a bra, my boobs hurt so bad!! I usually get a slight soreness before a period, but this is extreme and has gone on for over 3 weeks!!

    • ALICE CAMPBELL says:

      I know u can’t tell me without me taking a test, but it’s not that simple for me! I could get pregnant in my tube and wouldn’t know without a blood test or it possibly killing me! I’m only asking your opinion! Please respond!

  12. Hi my name is Nicole I’ve been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend for the past two months I missed my period the whole month of March but it came in April. Now all of sudden my breast are getting sore. What do you think is going on?

  13. Katlego says:

    Hi my name is katlego,age 29.The last time I saw my periods was on the 20/07/2018 and I had sex with my partner same day,so the following day I over slept and i didn’t even wanna wake up,I feeling exhausted.The following day again after eating I feel pain in my stomach its like I have eaten over and when I lay my head on the pillow I feel like vomiting., could it be that I am pregnant?

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