Pregnancy Type Symptoms after Taking Plan B One Step Twice

Plan B One Step x2 (27) writes: I’m having quite a bit of a dilemma. My fiance and I had sex on Nov. 26th. After we finished, I noticed that the condom was inside me. I am not on regular birth control ( I have tried several types and they all make me very sick) so out of fear I went & bought the plan b one step and took it 2 days after the incident.

Everything seemed fine & I got a period about 5 days later-on my normal expected date. The period felt like my normal period- and lasted about 6-7 days. Well on Dec 10th we had sex again & this time we noticed the condom broke after my fiance ejaculated!!! Out of fear again I went ahead & took another plan b one step pill about 3 days after the incident.

I got a period about 16 days after taking the pill. It was a normal period just like the previous. My concern is that I now had 2 periods in one month. One on Dec 3rd and another on Dec 29th. Ever since I took those pills I have been feeling nauseous, sore breasts, experiencing occasional vaginal dryness, constant hunger (where I never feel full, even right after eating) and bloatedness. I have also been extremely tired lately. I used to be able to get up at 5-6am and workout & now I can barely make it out of bed at 8.30am to get ready for work.

It has been over a month since I took the 2nd plan b one step pill and I am still feeling these symptoms. I did have sex again on Jan 7th, but it was protected and the condom was good this time! I know I am not pregnant from the 2 sexual encounters where I took plan b one step, but I were to be pregnant from the January 7th incident, wouldn’t it be too early for me to experience pregnancy symptoms? I have been feeling sick since 2 days after the incident. I really don’t know what is happening to me- I feel lethargic, sick & overall plain miserable.

I had went to my obgyn on dec. 11th and had a paps mear- the test came back normal. A few days ago the nausea subsided, but then again yesterday I becamse very nauseous with an elevated temperature and had a killer migraine! To the point where I wanted to cry!!! I took a home pregnancy test yesterday and it came back negative. I really don’t know what to do anymore, my guess is that those 2 doses of plan b one step have caused me to have serious hormonal imbalance…. My ob won’t do a blood/urine pregnancy test until I miss my period (if I ever do) but my period is not due until the end of January. Also, my obgyn prescribed me orthotrycyclean 28 to take, but I cannot start these until my period arrives! Please help!

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Dear Plan B One Step x2,

You should be good to go. The symptoms you are describing are most likely a direct result of taking the two massive hormone doses so close to each other (i.e. taking Plan B One Step twice). In the future, I would also strongly recommend you get started on a daily birth control pill (much “nicer” to your body than major hormone mountains and valleys that Plan B will give you) and, if you do have to take Plan B One Step again, try to take it as close as possible to having sex. I usually recommend to take it within 12 hours. Taking it within 48 or 72 hours is ok, but you’ve significantly increased your chances of becoming pregnant the longer you wait.

Hormones act, to a degree, as messengers telling different parts of your body what they are supposed to do. Because of the two monster doses of essentially birth control pills which you gave your body, it’s quite confused at the moment. It will probably take a couple weeks until your body’s cycle adjusts back to normal. If you aren’t feeling better after 2 weeks from now, then I would strongly recommend you contact your doc. Hopefully you’ll get your next period, but sometimes it take another month for your body’s cycles to return to “normal.” Keep us posted :)

Good luck!



  1. Plan B One Step x2 says:

    Thank you Hannah! I am patiently awaiting AF!!! If I do not get it by next weekend (which would then make me about a week late) then I will most definitely call my obgyn & schedule an appointment. I am scheduled to start birth control pills as soon as AF decides to arrive! My nausea has subsided a bit, but my breasts are still very sore and full!!! I hope these symptoms go away soon!!! Will keep you posted!!!

  2. Glad to be of help :)

  3. Plan B One Step x2 says:

    Hannah, I got my period today, one month minus a day from my last plan b induced period. It’s heavier than my usual flow. All of my “pregnancy” symptoms have practically disappeared except the sore breasts. They’re still very sore and swollen. I must have come up at least one whole cup size. I can’t even lay on them to sleep and my bras fit extremely tight & uncomfortable. Well, after taking those plan b pills & experiencing all of those crazy side effects, I vow to never take plan b again. Progesterone just doesn’t sit well with my body. I felt so sick for so long that I truly thought I was pregnant. The experience was definitely not a pleasant one. I started my birth control pills today and will make sure I take them religiously to avoid any mishaps!

  4. Levonorgestrel can affect each woman in different ways and, ironically, it can also affect you in different ways based on the time of month that you take it or even based on your current schedule/life circumstances. Welcome to hormones (er, artificial hormones) :) Good luck with the birth control pills. I remember hearing one time about this guy who had an elaborate system in his house set up (I think it was with X10 devices or something similar). Anyway, every night at a set time, a baby’s cry would go off in ceiling speakers throughout the house to remind his wife to take her birth control pills. Lol.

  5. Gosh u just described me plan B *2 only I took two doses within 6 hours after the condom broke. But I have the exact same symptoms and I am patiently awaiting my period, although I can’t help but fear that I may be pregnant.
    The tiredness and breast growth is the worst.

  6. Plan B One Step x2 says:

    Hannah, thank you for taking the time to respond and for all of your advice! It’s most definitely appreciated!

    @ Nisa when did you take the pills? With Plan B there is no other choice than to be patient and ride out the symptoms- If you do not receive a menstrual period within 2 weeks of taking the pill, then I suggest you take a sensitive pregnancy test 3 weeks after intercourse- first morning urine is the best! But if you took the pill within the time frame suggested (of course- the earlier the better) than most likely you will be fine. There is always a pregnancy chance with every form of contraceptive though. There is no other choice for you right now than to play the waiting game. It’s tough- I know! If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

  7. Anytime :)

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  8. Hey guys, I have been experiencing pregnancy-like symptoms, but this is after I took the Plan B early lsat month (Nov 12th) and then starting the 24th I bled for 4 days (which felt like a regular period except shorter and with some occasionally pinker blood), and being my worrywort self, to be on the safe side I took 2 pregnancy tests (both spaced out a bit from each other) and both came out negative! I haven’t gotten my next period yet but it will still be for awhile- it’s the 10th now, and should expect towards the later part of the month. I’m very irregular usually, but started getting periods towards the later part of the month now more regularly- so it’s very confusing! One month recently I got my period on the 19th, then the next month on the 28th!!! I have hypoparathyroidism and a rare blood disorder called ITP (both are under control via vitamin supplements-I take calcium and iron, that’s all I have to do!) I will take another pregnancy test soon around when I am expecting my next period. but I’m still very scared, and hate how I’ve been feeling! Plan B One Step x2 thank you for sharing this with us. It’s really helped a lot! I felt off the first time (a long while back) I took Plan B, but this time it’s been much worse—probably because I was just getting over a really bad head cold when I took it and I already have a very low immune system…anyway, thanks for sharing your story, because it’s good to know I’m not alone in my fears! *Big Hugs* and hope for us all! <3

  9. I’m glad I found this because I’ve been feeling the same way. The reason for me freaking out is because before I had my son, who is now 5 months, I would take plan b here and there when I needed to and I was always able to tolerate it pretty well meaning I would barely get any yucky side effects from it. Now after having and going through a pregnancy, for the first time after that I took a plan b last week a little over 24 hrs after unprotected sex and let me tell you…as soon as I swallowed that pill about 2 minutes later I was feeling absolutely terrible. So so so tired I actually had to take a huge power nap right after! it’s been one week since taking it and my boobs are sore and sensitive, i feel bloated, I have a constant desire to eat, headaches, and sooooo tired. I usually workout 5-6 days a week and now I can barely do that. I feel so weak. It has just alarmed me because I too feel pregnant and when I was actually pregnant, this is how I felt and I know once you’ve been preg before that now you are highly fertile…..just confused as to why my body can’t handle plan b whereas before I was just fine. I guess pregnancy messed with my body chemistry, these are plan b side affects or i’m preg. Hoping for the latter.

  10. And some of you may be wandering why i’m not on birth control especially after going through a pregnancy…progesterone does not sit well with me either. when I was 18-19 I tried 7 different kinds of birth control all giving me terrible side effects so I gave up on that. Also sticking something in my arm and losing my period for awhile doesn’t sit well with me either. I can’t imagine how horrible your cramps would be once you would get your period back, not to mention that definatly can’t be healthy for anyone.

  11. Rosey maya says:

    Hey so I took plan B on july 4 didn’t feel anything then a week later I had sex again on July 12 it was a thiursday and I took the pill like 2 days later which was on Saturday and rite after taking the pill I felt so sick to my stomach I couldn’t sleep I was very bloated didn’t feel like eating didn’t have energy then the day after I had brown discharge for the whole 5 days then on the 6th day I started to bleed out real blood then that day I went to the hospital they told me I wasn’t pregnant that I just couldn’t poop right and I had gas acid in my stomach so I they gave me pills and laxative after taking them I felt kinda better the bleeding I had only lasted for 3 days I was really scared and after I finish taking my medicine I was good for a couple of days but still felt my stomach not good felt tired a little at times had little headaches my Breast have little bumps around them and I leaked out a clear liquid like once or twice i don’t know what to expect i don’t know if it’s normal can you guys please help me understand

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