Can I Be Pregnant after Messing up Taking Reclipsen Birth Control?

Scared (18) writes, hi hannah or justin

i have a very personal question but its somthing i really need to know! me and my boyfriend had sex on the 11th of november 2011 (my first time) and three days before that i messed up on my birth control (reclipson) and he didnt use a condom at first but he pulled out before he ejaculated and then after that he decided to use a condom after i started freaking out about it.

well anyways the next day i decided to buy the morning after pill but it was during the evening so i was wondering if i waited to long and if it increased my chance on becoming pregnant. And if so what would that percent be??? Help because i really dont think i want to have a baby at my age. sincererly scared

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Hey Scared,

From what you’ve given us, it sounds like you’re ok with hardly any chance at becoming pregnant (we’re talking 98-99% sure). Do you know when your last period began and ended? How long have you been on birth control (Reclipsen)? When you say “I messed up”, could you elaborate – in other words, did you just miss one day or did you miss two or three days worth of pills? That would be crucial for us to know.

If you can get back to us with the answers, Hannah or I will be able to give you a better idea. But, from what we’re thinking, based on what you told us so far, you can throw those worries away and sleep well tonight!



  1. Kayliea says:

    Concerned (17), Hi Hannah or Justin:

    I have a few concerns as well as questions that I am dying for the answers to. I have recently stopped taking my birth control pills (Recplisen) on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 because it wasn’t helping with my hormones. Which is the reason why I started taking them in the first place, to balance my hormones. Also because I felt that something was wrong because I was bloated, I had a lot of pressure in my upper abdominals, I was gaining weight, I had a hard time breathing where taking complete breathes was literally impossible, I was CONSTANTLY thirsty and hungry, I was nauseous all the time, being comfortable was almost impossible, and ALL my pants didn’t fit. I literally thought I was pregnant, but when I took a home test as well as an early result test, they both came back negative.
    But on Saturday, June 23, 2012, my boyfriend and I had sex, and he didn’t use a condom because he ran out, and he “accidentally” let go inside of me. Later on that night, I started bleeding bright red blood which is either my period or ‘withdrawal’ bleeding/spotting. Is there a chance that I can get pregnant?! Or am I already pregnant?! Please help…

  2. i have a few questions i would like the answers too if possible . i finish my last birth control pillon Sept. 21st 2013 and finally started my cycle on sept. 26 2013 it was very heavy usually i have a light cycle that last 3 days at the longest . well this one was 5 days and heavy . i had interourse with mt boyfriend on sept 28 while i was on my period and he didnt pull out , could i get pregnent from this . the birth control im on is Recplisen

  3. Obaapacharlotte says:

    Hi am a girl of (22) n I had sex at my unprotected tym but after that I took postinor2 within 24HR please with this can i be pregnant

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