Recent Abortion; Period 5 Days Late; Negative HPT

Danielle (24) writes: I am 24 years old I had a abortion in September of 2011. My last period was January the 3rd-7th. I haven’t gotten my period for February yet I’m 5 days late could I be pregnant?

I have taken home pregnancy test all came back negative. I have frequent urination I haven’t been able to eat and I’m loosing weight. I also sleep a lot more now. Why are my pregnancy test coming out negative? My period has never done this before.

Thank you,

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Hey Danielle,

After your September abortion, when did your period resume? Since the abortion, have you taken any form of birth control medication or any emergency contraception (i.e. Plan B One Step)? When was your most recent home pregnancy test?



  1. Em‎Hi my name is Oma, I did an abortion and use to urinate frequently but of recent have been having stomach pains so I was told to buy menstrogen but people still say am fat and it making me scared… What do I do? Am 22years old

  2. I did abortion on d 28 of June , and still having d smtomys went back and d doctor say is twins can twins be found in one month? And after that my period came on the 5 of July if am not careful can I still take in again?

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