Sex a Week Before Period, But Period Never Came

Emma (age 16) writes:

I had unprotected sex a week before I was supposed to get my period. My boyfriend did not cum in me. I took a pregnancy test on the day that I first missed my period. I waited for about another week, and took another pregnancy test. Both results came out negative. I am on no birth control and haven’t taken any emergency contraceptives. My period is still a week late, and I never missed my period before. I have no symptoms of early pregnancy. Is there a chance that I might be pregnant?

Dear Emma,

Do you have sex frequently with your boyfriend or was this a first (or at least a rare occasion)? If you really did get pregnant from that incident, and you took a home pregnancy test just a week later, that would most likely be too early to detect hCG (the pregnancy hormone) in your urine. If you and he are totally certain that he did not ejaculate inside you, there would be the slight risk of some sperm being inside you from what some call pre-cum, but the chances of getting pregnant from that are very slim.

If this was the first time you had sex in a while, it’s not uncommon to have your period get messed up (got to love our bodies and nerves!). Have you recently changed how you exercise or your diet? Both of those love to mess with our cycles too.

To err on the safe side, I would recommend taking another home pregnancy test (HPT) in 2 weeks from now and then another one 2 weeks later. Most likely you are not pregnant, since there shouldn’t be much if any sperm that entered your body.

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  1. Glory onyekwere says:

    Hi I had my period from January 30th-february 2nd and ever since then I havent seen my period again and have run pregnancy test and it keep giving me negative, wht are my going to do or dose it mean I am pregnant.

  2. Hello I’m 18 years and I had unprotected sex on 9th may my bf says he didn’t release in me Bt my period is I pregnant or its just emotional stress?

  3. Karolina says:

    same situation here, i had sex a week before my period and now i am late and i am thinking its due to stress however my belly has been very bloated and i have fainted recently. Am i pregnant or not? also ive taken a test and its come out as negative and my discharge was very watery then became brown and now i’ve got nothing.

  4. I have sex with my boyfriend 2 days to my period, and am a day late, could i be pregnant

  5. I had sex with my boyfriend 2 days to my period, and am a day late, could i be pregnant

  6. Jennifer SESUGH says:

    I had a sex with my hubby The day I was suppose to see my period, I took postnoir 2 the next day. It been almost two weeks now I have not seen my period. I conducted a home test is negative. Am a nursing mother with 5 month old baby.

  7. I had sex with my bf a day before my period and he released the sperm in me. I am missing my periods now and it’s been three days after we had sex which had to be my menstruating days. Could I be pregnant?

  8. Ohh…and I took a morning-after pill 48hours afters sex. Could I be pregnant?

  9. Anonamous says:

    Had sex on the 28th. I am irregular but I was supposed to start around the 8th (just like last month) and haven’t. I am bloated, fatigued, and have had an upset stomach since like 3 or 4 days after the sex. Am i just stressing too much or could i be pregnant?

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