Sex without a Condom, Should I Take Plan B?

Ashwee (age 19) writes, “So I was having sex with this boy and we had sex for a little while without a condom and then put one on cause I got worried, this happened twice. Could I be pregnet from this and seek plan b?”

Dear Ashwee,

ThankĀ  you for your question. Yes, based on the few details you gave me, you could get pregnant from that. A fertile girl/woman’s chances of getting pregnant during a single cycle (even if it’s her first time having sex) is 20/25% assuming no contraception is being used. Yep, that’s pretty scarily high, isn’t it!

When was your last period? I’m assuming you’re not taking any regular birth control medication? Do you know if the boy ejaculated before you chose to use a condom or did he only go after a condom was put on?

Plan B is a super high dose of the same drug, Levonorgestrel, which is found in many birth control pills. The sooner a girl takes Plan B after having sex, the higher the probability that the drug within Plan B will either prevent the egg from being released (and coming in contact with the sperm) or prevent the fertilized ovum from implanting itself to the womb and developing into a fetus. In the second scenerio then, Plan B functions as an abortifacient.

Plan B should also never be taken on a regular basis (after all, it’s a very high dosage of Levonorgestrel); if you plan on having regular sex, it’s much better (for your body) to have your OB/GYN prescribe an ongoing birth control medication or, at the very least, faithfully use condoms (though they are far from perfect thanks to slips and tears, etc.).

Best luck!


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