Should I Take the Morning after Pill a Week Later?

Paranoid&confused (15) writes: Me and my boyfriend had sex about a week ago and I’m still young I have my life planned out I know what I where I want my life to go. I always told myself that I was going to wait till I got married but then it just happened and we didn’t use protection and he didn’t cum inside me but I’m worried about the pre cum. Anyways my question is should I take the Morning After Pill even thou its been almost a week and I’m not even sure if I’m pregnant? Please help me ASAP I need help!!!!

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Dear Paranoid & confused,

Ouch – I feel what you’re going through. It’s easy to get carried away in the emotion and then end up having sex way before you ever intended. Taking a Morning after Pill now won’t be of much help; emergency contraception is mostly useless once a fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus. Emergency contraception is best taken within hours after having unprotected sex.

However, having said all of that, let’s try to figure out how fertile you were when you had sex. Do you know when your last period started and when it ended? Does your period typically come like clockwork and last the same period of time each month?

You mentioned that he didn’t ejaculate any sperm into you. Did he ejaculate after he withdrew his penis? Did you see him ejaculate? When you used the bathroom after having sex, did you notice any sperm around your vagina? If it’s truly only pre ejaculation fluid that we’re dealing with, then your chances for becoming pregnant from that are very slim. Sometimes the guy did let out an actual squirt of semen though without really knowing it, or sometimes the guy knows he partially ejaculated but tries to cover up that fact. You’ll want to grill him thoroughly – after all, it is your body he was “messing” with.

Hopefully it was just a tiny bit of pre ejaculation fluid, which would keep you “safe.” However, for the future, if you do decide to have sex again and you don’t want to get pregnant, be sure to either use a condom or get started on daily birth control pills. And, even though you’ve had sex one time, and you were committed to waiting until marriage, you can recommit and keep that pledge. Sex is something very special, and you can always keep it that way. Never let a guy pressure you otherwise.

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  1. My dear you are too small to engage on sex while don’t you bye to it now

  2. I had sex 2times a week without any protection,i feel some of pregnancy symptoms like abdominal pain,tender breast nd always tired nd sleepy,now the problem is i tested a week aftr nd it ws nagetive,i had a dark brown discharge since i had sex nd nw its bleeding,im confused nd stressd,please help.

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