Should I Take Two Rounds of Next Choice Pills to Be Safe?

Don, age 15, writes, Yesterday I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, and he ejaculated inside me. He bought me the Next Choice Pill, and I took it right after I ate dinner. Then the next morning I took the 2nd tablet. The same day where I took the second tablet we had a quickie, and he pulled it right out just in time (and he didnt ejaculated near me). Later on the day we had another quickie. And I know that guys are supposed to go to bathroom so that some of the sperm on their uruthea are wash out, but my boyfriend didnt. But we didnt continue we stopped, right after we stopped we washed off. Since I took the pill the same day and time, and I think that the pill will last about 24-48 hrs in your body. Is there a possibility that I can get pregnant? If so, do you think I should get another Next Choice Pill just in case?

Dear Don,

Most likely, you are good to go. Taking the Next Choice Pill right away, after having unprotected sex, gives you a high probability for not getting pregnant. The strong dose of regular birth control medicine contained within the Next Choice Pill makes your body a  not-so-friendly place in the event that any of your boyfriend’s sperm came in contact with and fertilized your egg. The result is a very early abortion of types (but this abortion would only take place if your egg was present in your body while his sperm was swimming around within you and if the sperm fertilized the egg).

You should be fine, and taking another Next Choice Pill would merely throw your body into a bit of a whirlwind. Of course, if you want to, you could take another dose, but it shouldn’t have much effect on whether or not you get pregnant. It would, however, make your next period late (or skipped), and you may also experience a bit of cramping or even some bleeding. Don’t forget that emergency contraceptives aren’t really a replacement for daily birth control pills.

If and when your next expected period doesn’t come on time, I would recommend waiting until it should have ended and then take a home pregnancy test just to relieve you of any worries that may still be lingering. My bet is definitely on the HPT coming back negative, but sometimes it’s good to still take the test so you can sleep better at night.

Best of luck!



  1. I hope it does work because I am in that same siatution

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