Some Spotting, Slight Cramps and Tender Breasts

Bri (age 20) writes, “i had my period may first and during ovulation week me and my husband had sex many times, this last week i had some spotting, i am so much more tired and i am hungrier than normal, also i have had slight cramps along with the spotting, my breasts have become tender and i am urinating more often, i took a home pregnancy test but it was negative on saturday, could i still be pregnant?”

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Are you trying to get pregnant? Were you on any type of birth control medication? If fertilization did occur, it may be too early for a home pregnancy test to detect any hCG in your urine. Your symptoms could indicate that you are pregnant, but they also could be indicative of other things. I’d recommend taking another pregnancy test this Saturday and, if that one was negative, taking another one the following Saturday.



  1. Alaishia J says:

    Hi Hannah
    my situation is kind of weird and confusing but here it goes……I usually dont get my cycle due to my first child my period became irregular, so i really didnt have one…….I havent had sex for 10 months until my fiance surprised me by coming home…..he arrived the 20th of oct which was my birthday but before than i would say between tha 5th and 10th i had a surprise period and it lasted as normal 3 to 5 days…….but as i said my fiance came home for a wk and we had sex tha whole he was here…….he left tha 27th of oct…..I kno it sounds confusing but my question is could i be pregnant now because my breast are sore i experienced cramping and i spotted only once but it was like a light pinkish red… work i became very dizzy tha whole day i really havent noticed anything with my eating because i eat alot anyway……i took a pregnancy test but it came out negative…..could i be pregnant? or is it still to early?

  2. Alaishia J says:

    sorry for the error correction for when i said between tha 5th and 10th i caint really figure tha date out but i kno i was on ma cycle wk 1/2 close ta 2 wks before he arrived……PLEASE HELP ME

  3. I am 22 years old, sexually active without protection. For about 3 months now my period has been stretched out for about 40 days in between. Before it was about 25 days apart. I recently has my last period at the end of last month. Only about two weeks later I started cramping and spotting. Then a week after that my nipples became very sore to the touch. My partner uses the pull out method. I have no idea when my period is supposed to start since it has been so irregular. Any advice?

  4. Hi I had a mc on Oct 16 stop bleeding on Oct 22 been hving nausea, headache, lil constpation intergestion, hcg level went back to normal been cramping, breast tender and today had light pinkish with clear discharge on tissue havnt had period after mc yet been having sex since I stop bleeding what do you Thnk this could be?

  5. Hiya! I haven’t had a period since Jan i have very sore nipples and cramping i have days where i can eat loads more than usual! I have done two pregnancy test but they both came back negative…. I need some advice pleaseee…..

    Thanks Bx

  6. Hi I have been having unprotected sex with my fiancé for almost two trs and gave never gotten pregnant (he does not pull out) but my last period was two weeks ago we had sex last week as we normally do as well as yesterday. I woke up this morning with light pink spotting only when I wiped that’s one time this morning . Threw out the day I started to cramp not to were i couldn’t deal with it I got home and my boobs are sore to the touch. None of this gas ever happened ever not during before or after periods never

    • Im in the same situation. Sore breast for over a week moody tired and today very light pink spotting. We have sex regularly. He never pulls out and its been that way for two years
      Did you ever end up pregnant after the pink blood?

  7. Ok, so I’ve missed my period, I had a day of light pink discharge, now all I get is this milky discharge and a lot of it too (sorry for tmi) now a week after my boobs are sore,mainly my nipples. I have had slight cramping,tired, tossing and turning at night,waking up really hot and I urinate more frequently. Could I be pregnant? I have not been sick but I feel like I am going to. Please help!! :(

  8. nidhi sharma says:

    my periods are delayed by 10 days. but i always feel like that thay are going to come but they dint. took pregnancy test but its negative. having tenderness in my breasts. having gas problem. feeling very sleepy.having pain in body. am i pregnant.pls tell me

  9. Okay so my situation is kind of confusing, I was a week late on my period last month. And it lasted like 4 days and my boobs hurt and everything seemed like a normal period. Then 13 days after I started having weird bad cramps and spotted for about 2 days.. Very light pinkish color… And then 2 days later my boobs are extremely sore. And I’m not supposed to get my period for another 2 weeks… And I haven’t been sexually active since before my missed period last month. You think it’s just my body changing or something else ?

  10. Hello
    Well according. To my days app I ovulated between 26-30 of December I had unprotected. Sex on the 26 of December a week later I begin to have sore breast dizzines alot of gas I spotted brown 3days before my expected. Period then it stop I took test faint positive. Line went to doctor.took other test urine No blood negative. Then 3days later pink discharge. Haven’t. Tested again. Hoping I’m get the big positive. By next week

  11. Came on my cycle April 6 start spotting April 21 nipples very itchy can I be pregnant?

  12. My last menstrual cycle was on June 19th. I had unprotected sex on June 26th-27th and used morning after pills. Had sex again that same day with condoms. On July 3rd n today 4th July, had brownish spotting. I also have back cramps. Am I pregnant already?

  13. monique says:

    Hi im 25 i havent had my cycle since october 2013 i have been nauseous morning sickness frequent urination but my test came out negative and im on birth control but with my first son i had 6 negative test finally when they did a nlood test it was postive what should i do?

  14. Am Kay, have not seen my period for 4month now and I knw am pregnant. Pls advice

  15. Since my boyfriend disvirgin me,my menstration is irregular nd also I missed my period January nd it showed up just dis morning Feb 11th plz wat is d cause

  16. Hi am ajoke,I av children but finding it deficult to get pregnancy after stopping family planing, pls I need ur advice

  17. Bidemi says:

    I’m Bidemi I make twice in a month and I used pills I did my period on march 22 to 25 now I saw it on may 1 but just stain my paint then I did pregnancy test and confirmed positive,can I be pregnant after using d pills

  18. Bidemi says:

    I ve sex twice in a month

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