3 Negative Pregnancy Tests but Stressing Out I Might Be Pregnant

Janette (16) writes: Me and my boyfriend have been having sex for a while but always with a condom. We always checked it thay there is no rips or tears after we finished. One time he put the condom backwards and stuck his d*** in me like less than 30 sec (sorry for the info) and then he stopped, removed it and got a new one.

Okay so The last couple months (3 months) my cycle has been 28-30 days but before that they were very irregular. So now I missed my period. It was due about 2 weeks ago. I’m stressing out and freaking out that I’m pregnant since I’m only 16. I took 3 home pregnancy test and they have all been negative. Is there a big chance I’m pregnant or is it most likely stress? Please help!

* oh also I’ve been having like cramps and a little pain in my abdomen with whitish discharge (a little) also, I feel a little bloated. Could that just mean I’m going to get my period soon?

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Dear Janette,

No need to be embarrassed providing details – that’s what we’re here for! I’m siding with the pregnancy test and going with you not being pregnant. It’s most likely just nerves causing your period to be late. Our bodies like to be very sensitive to our worries :) As far as the whitish discharge, check out this post about the different types of vaginal discharge (scroll to the lower part of the page). From what you’ve described, it doesn’t sound like anything to continue being worried about.

Cheer up!


  1. Hey guys! So I’m stressing out!! I had unprotected sex 2 months ago but he pulled out… I took the morning after pill in the morning after and Ithen I took 2 pregnancy tests about a week later and 2 weeks later, both said not pregnant and then I got my period. But then I still was stressing out so I took another one about 2 weeks after my period and another 2 about 2 days ago, they both said not pregnant… and then I got my period the day after but I’m still stressing!!!! 😂😭

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