I’m Pregnant. Who’s the Father? Time for a DNA Paternity Test

Kylie, age 27, writes: “hi my name is kylie im 11weeks pregnant i had sex with my ex which is the father of my 3 year old daugther. i’ve been with my current boyfriend for 2years.my LMP was 2-5-11. i had sex with guy1 on feb 4 then with guy2 on feb 6-7 on my period, then had sex again with guy1 feb 11-16, then on feb 18 had sex with guy2. im not sure if we used a condom. who is the father of my baby.”

Dear Kylie,

Yowsers! You’ve got my head spinning in circles. Because you had sex with a couple guys just days apart, no “mathematical calculation” is really going to work to figure out who is the dad. Your best bet is going to pay the big bucks and do one of those DNA paternal tests (it’s been a while since I’ve worked with those, but I believe the guy has to send in a swab sample from within his mouth – feel free anyone to chime in if you’ve done a DNA paternal test recently).

Googling “DNA paternity tests,” here’s one site (www.gtldna.net) that offers informational tests (starting at $79) and legally binding tests (starting at $230). You’ve got to love it when they say “starting at.” I’ve heard that DNA paternity testing can even run over $1000 at some places (I bet my favorite local doctor would probably fall into that category).

Maybe some girls who’ve used paternity test kits can give us feedback (please?!) as to how well they work or what places to try … so the rest of us will know where not to waste our hard earned money.

Best luck,



  1. Christian says:

    The DNA test from Walgreens works just fine… With my second baby I had sex with two guys a day a part and my baby was for the second guy but hey mabey his sperm was stronger than the first guy good luck.

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