Too Early to Take Pregnancy Test 2 Weeks after Ovulation?

My husband and I are trying to conceive. My last period was Sept. 2 and I ovulated on Sept. 7 (took an ovulation test).

I took a pregnancy test today Sept. 20 and it was negative, is it to early to detect with a home pregnancy test? I am expecting my next period Sept. 28.


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Dear Libby,

Yes, most urine based home pregnancy tests (and even many blood based pregnancy tests) aren’t sensitive enough to detect hCG (the pregnancy hormone) in the early weeks. I’ve found that it’s best, regardless of what many of the HPT boxes say, to wait until the day your next expected period would have ended before taking an HPT. In your case, if your period doesn’t come, then I would recommend taking another pregnancy test on October 5, first thing in the morning. If that one comes back negative, you could always take one more on October 12.

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  1. Taheera Moody says:

    I had my first day period on sept 2nd as well and went off the 7th but right after my husband and i were together after it went off and that sunday i starting feeling worried and been cramping for almost two weeks off and on like my period was coming on. I’ve been having lightheaded and feeling kind of sick to the stomach and mood swings. I tested sept 24th and it came back negative. My period doesnt come on until the 30th of sept, What could this mean?

  2. Am trying to conceive I had my period on November 26 and my ovulation on December 8after that I used to experience pain in breast and heartburn but just yesterday night I had sex with my husband and all the pains is vanished

  3. Hi i was having sex on 11 and 14 of march 2017 and i stert my periods on 6 of 2017 please can i be pregnat since those time i feel so diffrent in my body i did test but its show unknon

  4. Hafsausman says:

    My last period was 31/3/2017,to day been 21,April I started seen blood again, am convinced bcus iam hoping to b pregnant

  5. My last period was on 20 of march I don’t know when is my ovulation then now am seeing my period at 24 of April my breastfeeding is paining me also feeling dizzy

  6. Oluwadamila says:

    Last month I did nt have my period at all till date BT am feeling tried, feel like vomiting,and I can eat well,my month is also taste less…..

  7. It’s actually two weeks after my ovulation, I have a lot of cramping, just took a pregnancy text and it came out negative.

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