Took the 2nd Next Choice Pill 14 Hours after the 1st

This guy n I had sex without a condom. He didn’t come inside n is very positive that I’m not pregnant. I was worried, so I got the next choice the morning after. I counted the hours wrong took the second pill 14 hours after instead of 12!! I was very worried n called at least 6 pharmacists n they said it was fine. But, one of them did say, it might not be as effective. My friend said right after the pill I should be getting my period a week and a half later. I took it Sept 24. I should be getting today( Oct 4) but sadly I hve not. N I hve recently read tht I am to get my period at my expected time. So my question is when am I to get my period?

very worried (17)

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Dear Very Worried,

You’re fine taking the second pill 14 hours after the first instead of the recommended 12. It is true that you may have decreased its effectiveness, but that decrease would be very small. What many pharmacists don’t tell you is that you can actually take both pills back to back or separated by merely an hour or two. In fact, Plan B One Step just combines the two doses of the drug (progestin) into one pill. The reason why many emergency contraceptive pills are still two step doses is because it’s believed that, by taking the dose of progestin spread out, you’ll be able to avoid some of the negative side effects. That hasn’t really been proven, and girls experience side effects of the high doses of progestin whether its taken in one  huge dose or taken in two smaller doses. Having said all of this, for the future, yes, it’s best to take the two pills no more than 12  hours apart. And, if you want to take them sooner (so you won’t forget), then take them just a couple hours apart.

As far as when your next period will come, Next Choice can have a side affect of causing your next period to come early, be delayed or be skipped altogether. Since you took the emergency contraception so soon after having sex, your chances of becoming pregnant are quite slim. Keep in mind that being worried and stressed out can also cause your period to be delayed or skipped.

You should be fine. Your period may come next week, or it may wait to come later in the month (or even early next month). If it doesn’t come within 3 weeks, then I’d recommend you take a home pregnancy test. The test should come back negative.

Best luck!



  1. very worried says:

    Thanks so much tht took a lot of my mind. But ever since I took the pill I’ve been having serious abdominal pain. Usually my cramps are painful this worse. I can’t laugh at times because it hurts and sometimes I hold my stomach when walking. I still haven’t had my period n these pains get worse everyday especially at night. I’m wondering should I wait till my period comes or should I go to the doctor?
    Also, I’m trying to keep this top secret so can u please tell me if I’m in dire need of a doctor cause I’m trying to make anything sus.

    • 99%-pregnant says:

      Hey just letting you know i am 18 and just got pregnant. I would suggest to go t the hospital. Have ypu gotten your period yet? It could just be a cyst and it could be nothing. Keep strong.

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