Took 72 Hours Pills from NHS, Now No Period

i am very scared didnt got my periods ……finished periods on 11 aug and on 12 aug had sex and then on 13 took 72 hours pills from NHS and then again had sex on 4 sept and didnt use any contraception but my partner didnt release anythng insde me …. my periods were due on 15 sept but it didnt came and had done many pregrency test all are negative its 3 oct now still didnt got period. Can someone please help ??????

tanu (26)

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Dear tanu,

Wow – that’s a loaded question! Taking a morning after pill right after your period ends can have an impact on your cycle. Sometimes it can cause bleeding right away (which wouldn’t really be a period but rather is what we call withdrawal bleeding); other times it can cause your regular period to come earlier, later or be skipped completely. Because your many pregnancy tests are all showing negative results, my best bet is that the emergency contraception has temporarily skewed your cycle. You’ll most likely have your period come back during this month (October). If it doesn’t, then it would be best to see your doctor. However, it sounds like you are fine. I wouldn’t be too worried if I was you.

Best luck,



  1. Hi.. plz i really need help.. i had my last period on 22 feb and had unprotected sex on 20 march.. i am getting damn scared n stress bkz of not having my period yet..

  2. Plz anyone out there.. plz rep me..!!

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