Took I-Pill 3 Hours after Having Sex, Then Bleeding

I had sex with my girlfriend who is 17 yrs old on 21st sept. The condom tore during the intercourse and she took a emergency contraceptive pill after 3 hours (I-Pill). There was little bleeding for couple of days along with pain and then it was fine. This was her first intercourse. But on 27th Sept., she started bleeding again. What does it mean? Are there chances of pregnancy?

Suvid (17)

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Dear Suvid,

Do you know when her last period began and ended? The initial bleeding and later bleeding is most likely (97%) caused by a combination of this being her first time having sex and her having taken the I-Pill. I wouldn’t be too concerned at all. If her next expected period doesn’t come, I would recommend taking a home pregnancy test. She should take it first thing in the morning of the day when her next period should have ended for best results. The HPT should be negative, but this will give you confirmation. The odds are extremely in your favor, so I wouldn’t be too worried.

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  1. Her Last period was on 13th September . Thanks a lot for your quick reply.

    • She very well may have been fertile when you had sex; however, since you did the I-Pill so quickly, you should still be good to go. I would still be sure to follow up later on with a home pregnancy test – just to be safe.

  2. hi.. i started my periods on 17th jan this year and i had sex wit my bf on 27th jan n i took ipill within 12hours. on 2nd feb i started spotting for two days followed by heavy bleeding for approx 2days n den i stated spotting again n it stop.. and on 16 th feb i started spotting again n den i got my periods for just a day n it became light again.. m i pregnant???????

  3. please reply hannah… plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. My name is Helen l am 27year took pin b after having sex with my boyfriend and l seem my period for this mouth but instead of five day l did for two day have l got pregnant

  5. I see my last period on 25th of august and my period lasted for Years and my cycle is 27cycle but just now i had sex nw

  6. I had my menses this month BT it didn’t come last month

  7. My period came out only for 3days & drop could it be pregnant?

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