Took Plan B 24 Hours after Having Sex for First Time

Ruben (21) writes: My question is what are the chances of my girlfriend being pregnant if we had unprotected sex but it was her first time. We did it approximately like 2 minutes but we stopped. I was only wet but not even close on finishing. She took Plan B within 24 hours and its been a week and a half already and no symptoms of her getting her period. No spotting or any type of thing. I am really worried and I wish I can get an answer to this.

The last day she ended her last period was on January 2 but its already the 25, and a week and a half into Plan B and nothing. What are the possibilities that she can be pregnant? She is very regular and I donโ€™t know what to expect.

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Dear Ruben,

By taking Plan B within 24 hours, she has a very high probability (in the 90% range) of not getting pregnant (if you had fully ejaculated). Since you hadn’t fully ejaculated, then I would definitely push the “probability for success” much higher. I strongly doubt that she’s pregnant. However, do be aware that by taking Plan B her next period may be irregular. By irregular I mean that it could come early, or come late, or be skipped altogether. In the event that she does completely skip her next period (which it sounds like she may), have her take a home pregnancy test on the morning of February 2. I’m strongly expecting that home pregnancy test to come back negative.

Good luck!


  1. Have not been having my periods for 8months now, but ever since I started having my menstrual periods they’ve been very irregular. Yesterday I had sex with my fiance for the 1st time (as a virgin) and before we had sex my breasts were feeling a little heavy and I had some little cramps on my tummy. I woke up not feeling well in my tummy and my breasts were heavier. Is there anything I should worry about, like pregnancy?

  2. Helen Momoh says:

    Pls can u explain to me what plan B mean

  3. Nkemdilim says:

    Pls wat is planning B?

  4. Precious says:

    Pls can u explain to me what plan B means

  5. Please I had sex with my guy during my fertility period but took a contraceptive pills 12hours after. It being three weeks now but I feel as if am pregnant please can you help

  6. Please what does plan B mean

  7. Emmanuella says:

    please I want to know if am pregnant! am worried

  8. Emmanuella says:

    please I don’t know if am pregnant I had sex after my period

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