Took Plan B and Next Choice, but Now No Period

I had my last period on the august 21 and lasted around 4 days. I had sex with condom on the 25th and 27th. I took plan b on the 26 and a generic brand on the 27th. I spotted after both times for a couple days actually heavy. Well on Sept 2 I had sex with a condom again i took next choice and bled for a few days after that. Then last I had sex again on the 11th with condom and took next choice again and bled the 14th-16th.

I have not bled since I was supposed to start my actual period on or around the 18th. I know I have screwed up my system. I have been cramping and having more discharge for about a week now. and my boobs are sore but it feels like i could start. I took a pt on the sept. 30th and negative. When should i expect my period. I am so scared i will be pregnant. Im pretty sure there were no condom mishaps. i think I bought bigger condoms but everything was in the bottom when we were done. Please help!! Im still in school and i cant have a baby. This will never happen again.

Serena (18)

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Dear Serena,

Ouch, I feel your pain! However, I can relieve some of it by pretty much assuring you that the odds of you being pregnant are almost zilch with all of that levonorgestrel in your system. However (I must like that word tonight), I’ve got a few more thoughts to throw your way. You’ve taken a ton of emergency contraception (of which you are well aware). Morning after Pills are ok once in a rare well, as in the “oops! I forgot!” times that happen maybe once every several months. But taking so many mega doses of levonorgestrel is not good for your body. Your cycle and system are both totally thrown into a whir. It may be a little while until your period gets back to normal. Hopefully, you’ll have your period in October, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t have it until November. I would strongly urge you to start taking daily birth control pills so you don’t have to rely on Next Choice or any other emergency pill. It will be so, so much safer for your body.

Best luck,


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