Took Plan B One Step – Should I Take a Second Pill?

im 16 and i only took Plan b one-step. do i need to take the second pill to prevent pregnancy

Kate (16)

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Dear Kate,

Plan B One Step actually combines the two pills found in the traditional Plan B. Or, another way of putting it is that the traditional Plan B has two pills, but Plan B One Step takes the two pills and combines them into one easier-to-remember-to-take whopper of a pill. Initially, it was believed that taking such a large dose right up front might give a person a higher probability of adverse side effects; so they decided to “distribute” the hormones over two smaller doses. But then girls tended to forget to take the second pill, and so Plan B was not as effective as it was intended to be. So now, we’ve got Plan B One Step.

So … since you took the Plan B One Step (assuming you took it as quickly as possible after having unprotected sex), you should be good to go.



  1. Having brown discharge 3days after SEX what does dat mean?

  2. Romaine says:

    Still waiting for my response please.

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