I Took Plan B Twice, Negative HPT but No Period

Worried#2 writes, “I should expect my period on april 4th. But the day before, april 3rd, me and my partner had sex and the condom broke. I was scare so we went and got plan b within the 24hrs. Got my period on april 7th and that was the last time. Til this day still no period.I’m not much worried bout that cuz I had already tooken a test on may 12th and it came out negative. But may 13th, my partner and I had sex and condom broke again. I went and got plan b again but took it within the 48hrs. I know plan b is not good to use everytime there is an “uh-oh”. I already have 1 kid and so I did just to be on the safe side. I plan to get on the IUD when I start my period again. My question is, am I likely to be pregnant?

Dear Worried#2,

It really comes down to probability and the effects of Plan B on your system. Typically, with Plan B, they say that if you take the dosage within 24 hours, 95% of pregnancies are prevented, while if you take the dosage within 48 hrs, it drops to 85%, and then it drops to 60% for those who take the dosage within 72 hours. Your first time having sex with the broken condom (April 3), probably didn’t result in pregnancy due to the time of month (slight risk) and the fact that you took Plan B so close to the event.

Was your period on April 7 your full & regular period or was it just spotting? It’s not uncommon to experience several days of spotting a few days after taking Plan B.

As far as your chances of getting pregnant the second time the condom broke (May 13), let’s look at a couple more factors to consider with Plan B: Plan B is a very high dosage of the pregnancy hormone (progestins). Taking a dose (or 2 separate doses, in your case) of Plan B can easily “mess up” your menstrual cycle. After the first dosage of Plan B, you could expect your fertility to return within a cycle or two; because you took a second dosage of Plan B, your fertility may be delayed even longer (and, this will vary from person to person). Many who have taken Plan B have experienced irregularities with their next period: the timing may be thrown off, the menstrual bleeding may be heavier, or the bleeding may be lighter.

I would say that the probability is in your favor, and that the chances you are pregnant are slim. The only way you can be assured of this will be to take a couple more pregnancy tests. Wait a week or so and then take one; then, if it’s negative, wait two more weeks and take another one.

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  1. Ok I just had a baby 6weeks ago and the dr gave the ok tohas sex later on that day me and my boyfriend started to have sex with out a condum but he didn’t cum he just wanted me t but I was scared that maybe he pre cumd so I got a generic within 15-16 hrs… now yesterday we played it safe when we had sex he came n the condum and when he pulld out there was the littlist bit of come so we blew the condum and squeed it there wasn’t any hole anywhere but I was worried what if it came out the top so I took another one.. what wll happen will it not b as effective?

  2. So I had sex last week unprotected, and took the plan b pill the next day. I just had sex again last night, 9/22 and the same thing happened, unprotected but I made him stop a minute or so in…way before he ejaculated. I’m scared to take plan b again, what’s the likelihood of getting pregnant?

  3. To the previous posters:

    I took Plan B twice within a three week period. The only other birth control method my ex and I used was fertility awareness method and withdrawal. I was just barely at the beginning of my fertile window, so to be on the safe side I took Plan B. I spotted about ten days later for two days and I did not end up getting my full period until five weeks after the spotting!! If you take Plan B twice in a short period of time, don’t be suprised if you totally skip your next period. It is nerve wracking, but you will have to wait it out. And if you are not on hormonal birth control, learn about how your natural fertility signs work. I personally would not use fertility awareness by itself to prevent pregnancy, but I still feel it is a valuable tool so that you are aware of when you ovulate.

    • super confused says:

      thank you so much for posting this! i’ve been so worried! thank you thank you thank you!!!

    • You can take one as early as the first day of a missed proeid. It is more accurate if you use the first urine of the day (the hormones are more concentrated). I would suggest getting one today and taking it first thing tomorrow morning. You can always go to the doctor and get the more accurate blood test done, too.If you dodged the bullet this time, get birth control ASAP!

  4. Hello,
    I’m look for some answers
    i took the plan b ill on the 14th of september right after i had unprocted sex then i was suppose to get my period 3 weeks from the 14. but me and my bf had sex and the condom broke on 27 of september. we could’nt get plan b until the next day because the stores were closed so we waited and we and bought it but i ended up getting my period on sunday october 2nd and it was heavy then went light today…so should i be worried?

    • You should be fine, Fair. The irregular cycle is most likely just a result of taking Plan B. If I understand your comment correctly, you took it twice during September, right?

  5. Very Lost says:

    Hello Hannah,
    I had unprotected sex on Sept 23rd and i took plan B within 12 hours, I was supposed to get my period on Oct 2nd but nothing came, i havent had any spotting or cramping but my breasts were a bit tender and fuller just like a few days before i get my period. Again i had unprotected sex (not knowing) on Oct 6th and i took plan B within 7hrs. I still havent got my period not its the 9th, my breasts are still a bit sore, i took a first response pregnancy test on October 5th and it was negative. is there a possibility that i may be pregnant? when can i retake the pregnancy test again? I am so scared and lost please respond to my questions. Thanks

  6. Hey Hannah I see u know the answer to a lot of this questions we’ll I have a question I had sex on the 5 of September took plan b then the 7 passed and didn’t have sex then the eight came had sex and he finished in me again! So took plan b again so didn’t have sex the nine and ten then had sex the 11 and he came in me again but this time I didn’t take plan be is there a passability that I will end up pregnant?

  7. Hi hannah

    I had unprotected sex and i took a plan b pill one time in augest then one in september my period was suppose to start on october 14th im 5 days late into my period im scared that i might be pregnet but i took 3 pregnacy tests and they all came out negitive and my stomach has been hurting alot and i gain a few pounds is there a chance i might be pregnet?

    • When did you have sex? Most likely your period’s being late is a side effect of taking Plan B. How soon after having sex did you take Plan B (both times)? When did you take the last pregnancy test?

  8. I had sex with my boyfriend 3 days after I finished my period ( Oct.13), We had unprotected sex and he did not pull out before he came, within 4 hours we went to the pharmacy and got Plan B. I took the dosage but now 5 days later I’m bleeding like I would be on my period. Is this a side effect of Plan B or is this Implantation Bleeding ??

  9. Hi Hannah,

    So my last period was on 9/23. A week before my period for the month of October, me and my bf got ahead of ourselves and had unprotected sex. I took plan b the next day, and I know that my period is likely to be delayed 2 weeks. Well a week after my normal period was supposed to start (around 10/23 or so) the condom broke and I took plan b within 48 hrs. By the end of this week will make 2 weeks since my regular period was supposed to start but I know that by taking plan b twice in one month, my cycle will probably be thrown out of whack. I’ve been having really intense cramps but no period or bleeding of any kind, and I guess I was just wondering if I should really be worried?

  10. Saw my period on 10 sep had sex then took the pill I saw my period on the 22nd of sep and ended my period on the 24th and had sex but no contraceptive used. Now its nov 6 and no period seen but all my urine and blood test says negative. I hope I aint pregnant

  11. Dear Hannah,
    My period ended this friday and I ended up having sex saturday and the condom broke. I took Next choice sunday morning, both pills at the same time because that is what the pharmacist instructed that would be better. Should I be getting another period?

  12. I have been intimate with a girl for a while now and we had sex without a condom but with no ejaculation and for very short because we realized it was a stupid idea (close to 30 seconds) but because of the possible risk of pre cum we took the morning after pill to leave no room for error, we had sex in between the first and second pill and again there was no ejaculation because in the middle of sex we realized that the condom had broken, she took the second pill shortly after that incident. I know the probability of her getting pregnant is slim already because there was no ejaculation and we took plan b but will that plan b pill also stop the second potential pre cum from getting her pregnant and should we take another plan b in order to decrease the risks of pregnancy further? please answer soon because the sooner the decision is made the better… Thank you

  13. I had sex during my period. My period was January 14th. It was unprotected so I took plan b. The following weekend I had unprotected sex and took again another plan b. I was suppose to get my period on Febuary 14th and my periods are usually on time. On Febuary 16 and 17th I got cramps but no symptoms. I had unprotected sex again on Febuary 19th and took plan b again the 22nd this month. I took 4 pregnancy tests and it all came out negative. I am stressing over this. Can I be pregnant?

    • You really messed up your cycle taking plan b so many times , the more you take it , the less it’s gonna work so only use it in emergencies , other wise buy condoms and get on birth control .

  14. help me!:( says:

    I had period Feb. 14. Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex Feb. 26 am. And I didn’t know about plan B until Feb. 28 pm. I bought plan B right away. But it’s too late already because i took it after 72 hours. Now its March 3, its been 3 days since I took the pill but I dont have any side effects except mild cramps and mild breast tenderness but no period. Do you think I’m likely to be pregnant? im expecting my period on March 14.Help!!!:(

  15. Had abortion on 10th mar n the doc tld me 2 expect my next periods on the same date the following month.however i had unprotected sex 4th & 5th apr but took E-pills within 36 hrs.( though i was damn sure my ovulation was over).2day is 12th yet av not had my periods (r usually regular)could the pills hav tempered with my cycle or could i b pregnant again????

  16. My boyfriend and I had sex but he pulled out and never went inside me but to be safe we went and got the plan B pill the next day. I started spotting maybe a week after than it went away in a couple days.. than we had sex again but waited a day in a half and took the pill again for the second time In one month..I’m 5 days late now for my period and I’m stressing out that I’m pregnant.

  17. Hello i need help, i took plan b twice in 2 weeks and had some spotting like 10 days later2 days. its been.about 11 and a half weeks and i still.have not got my period, ive took.several.hpt all.neg and hage no.preg symptos. Should i be worried?

  18. My boyfriend and I had sex on October 10 around 1am. The confirm fell off at the end we believe as the contents of the condom ended up on the sheets. The comdom was spermicidal. I took plan b at 10am just incase. I was not on birth control at the time. I have just started taking a new prescription of them this week. My period had ended 2-3 days before sex. It is now 5 weeks after sex and I have taken 2 negative pregnancy tests (both around 9:30 in the morning). I was feeling period like symptoms around when my period was supposed to come but no blood. I got nervous yesterday and took another plan b because I heard that could help induce a period. Will a pregnancy test probably show accurate after close to a month after sex?

    Can you give me some insight or maybe even some peace of mind regarding this?

    Thanks so much.

  19. I had miss Carriage on January but on d 27 January and wash it but since that day till now have not see my period till now, what will let do.

  20. Shelia says:

    I had sex a week before my period and i was not using a condom but I took a plan b that next day and now I’m looking at 25 since my period have not came in was suppose to have my period April 21 but I took a plan b on the 16 of april

  21. Shelia says:

    I had sex a week before my period and i was not using a condom but I took a plan b that next day and now I’m looking at 25 since my period have not came in was suppose to have my period April 21

  22. hi I would like to find out im married the first night of our honeymoon I took a plan b within 18 hours then no bleeding no discharge this was on the 28 th of jaunary , after that we had a oops again on the 4th of feb I did use plan b.again no sign of my period my period is due on the 8th of january I had a pink discharge last night im so scared im pregnant , I have alot of stress at work I dont have any signs of pregnancy , I took 2 pregnancy urine test negative one blood test also negative what should I do

  23. 8feb sorry my period is due a day ago

  24. gracious says:

    Hi i got my period on Feb 11 and ended on Feb 15, my husband and i had intercourse on Feb 16 and did not use protection. He came inside me and the next morning of the 17th Feb i took morning after pill, On the 22nd Feb we had intercourse again and unfortunately this time the condom broke, i took another morning after pill on the 23rd and the same day i took the pill i started bleeding, it started off as spotting but increased to normal bleeding that lasted till the 28 Feb, I have not had my period till today, i took a clear-blue pregnancy test on the 07 March and it came back negative, i took another one on the 12th March and it also came back negative, i then took another on the 21st March that also came back negative, today on the 24 i took another one again it also came back negative, but still no period. what are my chances of conception? Please help i am freaking out, i feel so tired and sometimes dizzy. i am also breastfeeding a 9month old baby, is my period late due to the pills or due to pregnancy?

  25. Just posting this since I went to forums like this when I was in this situation! Took the morning after pill twice in one month; took the first pill and got the “fake” period a couple days later then took another pill a few days after that and also got the fake period again. My period was late, took 3 pregnancy tests (one every week) all negative. Period finally came and was about 30 days late so I basically missed one whole period! Morning after pills really do f up your menstrual cycle, so don’t worry if your period doesn’t come. I would take a pregnancy test just in case though and if that comes up negative then it is most likely right you will just have to wait for your period to come!

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