Took Plan B Within 36 Hours, Period Due Yesterday

I lost my virginity a week ago. We didn’t use a condom, but he pulled out and I took the Plan B pill within 36 hours. My period was due yesterday, but I have yet to get it. Should I be worried?

We had sex two other times but we used condoms both times and he also pulled out both times. Please tell me this is normal ):

Cat (18)

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Dear Cat,

You should be fine. I’m assuming that you mean that he pulled out before ejaculation? It’s usually best to take the Plan B asap (i.e. within 12 hours of having sex), though it’s still quite effective when taken within 36 hours. The longer you wait, however, the less effective it is.

Plan B can cause your period to be delayed or skipped altogether. However, if you ever have a missed period after taking Plan B, it’s still best to take a home pregnancy test. In your case, I would recommend taking a home pregnancy test one week from today and then a second HPT a week following. You can usually pick them up cheaply at Walmart or a dollar store. I’m quite certain that you are not pregnant, but the HPTs will help your sanity and confirm that you are not.



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