Took Two Rounds of Next Choice – Could I Be Pregnant?

i had unprotected sex wednesday and thursday… I took next choice first pill before sex I really don’t knw y I did that an hour later my boyfriend and I had sex. I took the second pill 12 hours later… Will that still protect me??? On Thurday I had sex again and the condom broke… I was worried and didn’t realize that until we had finished having sexual intercourse with my boyfriend… And he told me that he might have came in me a little.. On Tuesday which is today I decided to take next choice again did I do the right thing or not???? What are the chances of me being pregnant. My period is suppose to come either next week or the following week. I’m stressed out and really worried… I need help Hannah… What do you think?

[another email] i don’t knw if I am pregnant I had unprotected sex Wednesday I took the pill a seven it was before having sex. After an hour I had sexual intercourse 12 hours later took the next choice second pill… I’m scared it didn’t work. The bext they I had sex but we realized that the condom had failed and my boyfriend said he might have cum inside a little. I went and bought next choice again but took it 5 days later.. Took both pills at the sane time… What are the chances of me being pregnant. I’m really worried… Need help!!!! I’m suppose to get my period next week or the following week.

Catracha (18)

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Dear Catracha,

The first time you had sex (on Wednesday), and you took Next Choice before and after sex, you should be fine from that. It’s recommended, though, to take both pills after you have sex (just for the future). You are probably also covered (from taking Next Choice the first time) with the Thursday broken condom incident, though there is no guarantee. However, it would have been hard to get pregnant because of the Next Choice still in your system. Taking a second round of Next Choice on Tuesday would probably be too late to have much effect on the Thursday broken condom incident.

My conclusion is that you are most likely not pregnant, and I’m basing this largely on your first round of Next Choice and the small amount of semen your boyfriend may have gotten into you. I would definitely recommend taking a home pregnancy test if your next period doesn’t come as expected. Be sure to take the test around the time that your next period would have ended. And, if you don’t have your next period, that doesn’t mean that you should panic – it may very well just be caused by taking a couple doses of Next Choice during the same month.

Best luck,

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