Unprotected Sex and No Period

Sara (age 30) writes, “Hi Hanah, i really liked ur answers and hope u can help me with my problem, i had unprotected sex on the 28th of march (9th day of my cycle) and immediately had the map [morning after pill], a week later i had spotting for a week then i had my period on the 14th of april as expected , my cycle varies from 26th to 28th day, anyways i had unprotected sex again on the 4th of may and he ejaculated in me, today is the 15th and still nothing, what are the chances that i’m pregnant? plz help

Dear Sara,

Did you take another morning after pill after having unprotected sex on May 4th? Are you on any form of regular birth control medication?

Since you are age 30, you typically won’t be as fertile as an 18 year old in your same position. However, based on the effect of the first morning after pill on your system (i.e. if & when you would next ovulate), there is an increased probability that having unprotected sex on May 4 (assuming you are not on any form of birth control) could lead to pregnancy. I would recommend that you wait a week and then take a urine home pregnancy test the first thing on the morning of the 22nd. If it reads negative, then you are probably fine, but you could follow it up with another pregnancy test on the morning of the 29th.




  1. Hannah berry says:

    I really need your advice, your answers are really good. I am 14 nearly 15 and I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, we had been together for three years and I felt I was ready. I have always been the most mature person out of my friends and I have a really supportive group of friends. I never wished to rush into anything but I trusted this boy and I love him. The first time we had sex was about six months ago, it wasn’t planned and we just went with the flow one day. Since then we had been having sex quite often and we used protection everytime, just over a month ago we broke up. But about 2 weeks after we got back together, we were alone that day and the only kind of protection we had was the pill Wich I found in my bag, I took one that day, but completely forgot to take anymore the days after, as I was so busy with one of my English essays. I can’t remember when my last period was as I have been so busy, but I am constantly hungry, my breasts are getting bigger and my nipples are swore. I have been sick quite alot in the mornings and nights. And I Also have very bad cramps, I can’t talk to my mum about it until I M certain I may be pregnant. I’ve always been the responsible child and I don’t want to feel like I’m letting her down, I have. Home pregnancy test but I don’t think that now is the right time to take it as I don’t think it has been a month since my last period. Could I be pregnant?? Please please help me! Hannah xx

  2. Hello,
    my name is nessa. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend 37 times. ( yeah, I kept track.) all those times It turned out fine. But then, I had unprotected sex with him on may 1 while I was ovulating. Now Its the 11 and i was supposed to get my period in the 7 th. Latly i’ve been really moody and sick. Could I be pregnant??

  3. Carolinaa says:

    hey my name is carolinaa <3 im 16 about to be 17 in aug.11th … on march 6 ihad sex with my bf &&that was my first timee . we didnt have save sex :/ he said he didnt bust in me ; either way 2 days after that itook next choicee . the the last days of march igot my pd & then april igot my pd again but after that ihavent got my pd :/ can ibe prego ??

  4. Hi my name is amanda , i had a silly little bit of intercourse on new year , his penis was in me 3 times , but it has only been the. last few weeks were my boobs and nipples have been sore i get really weird pains in my stomach sometimes but my stomach is still the same size i have squeezed my nipples a few times and a small amount of a creamy liquid xame out , do u know what this could be as i really dnt think that im pregnant .

  5. mam i had an unprotected sex on 22 feb and a get my period on 8 march bt nott get next date till 16 april .my periods never missed before . can i pregnent i m 20 years old. plz help me its urgent

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