Will Vigorous Rubbing of Vagina Hinder Becoming Pregnant?

Sanjana writes,

I am 25 years old and married for 2 years. I had a miscarraige 9 months ago and trying to conceive again. After our intercourse my husband rubs on my vagina and stimulates it vigorously for me to attain orgasm. Will this hinder my chances of getting pregnant ? Is it safe for me to gain orgasm this way ? Please help ? Im desperate to get pregnant.

Dear Sanjana,

No, rubbing and vigorously stimulating your vagina would not hinder your chances of becoming pregnant, and it’s perfectly safe for you to reach orgasm through that method. As far as becoming pregnant, I’d recommend you speak with your OB/GYN doctor, and perhaps she may recommend you and your husband see a fertility specialist.

Best luck!



  1. rebecca udeze says:

    please i want to know if i have a problem, my breast is bring out millk each time i press it and i have been trying to get pregenant to no avill for the last ten months now, do u think i have a problem please help me out. Rebecca from nigeria

  2. Can infection hinder pregnancy

  3. I have been having several unprotected sex but no dign of pregnancy,my period is normal but i us to hv this burning sensation when i urinate sometimes

  4. Hi, pls hv bein hvin unprotected sex all diz whyl nd since sum days nau hv been hvin signs of pain in my breast, i also do feel lyk vomiting at tym bt d vomiting neva cum nd some kind of pains in my tommy. Plsss hope all z well wit me

  5. Pls, when should i have sex if i want a baby , the ovulation day or my fertile days

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