What Are the Differences Between Ella and Plan B?

justwwondering! (20) writes: Hi, so me and my boyfriend had sex 4 days ago!!! And I was not able to get Plan B until today!!! Should I get Ella seeing that the box states the Plan B only works best within the 72 hour range!!!???

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Dear justwwondering,

Plan B One-Step (and the generic version, Next Choice) contains levonorgestrol. Ella contains a compound called ulipristal. Levonorgestrol makes it difficult for sperm to fertilize an egg. Ulipristal is embryotoxic, which means it is deadly to a newly fertilized egg. As a result, ulipristal could be taken as emergency contraception at a date later than levonorgestrol would typically be effective.

Make sense? :) Basically, Ella is a much stronger drug than Plan B/Next Choice. Plan B is most effective when taken immediately after having unprotected sex. The longer you wait to take Plan B, the higher your chances are for becoming pregnant. Ella would probably be more effective if you took it right now because, if there was a fertilized egg (an embryo), then the powerful drug would act to terminate that embryo’s life.

Another crucial difference between the two is that Plan B can be purchased over the counter while Ella is only available by prescription (in most places).

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