When Should I Use a Pregnancy Test?

Curious (20) writes: If I had sex the 4th or Jan and the 6th and 7th, un protected and he finished inside of me, when should I use a pregnancy test?

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Hey Curious,

Your best bet is to wait and see if your next expected period comes. If it does not, then take a home pregnancy test around the day that your next expected period should have ended. It’s best to take the pregnancy test the very first thing in the morning with your concentrated urine for best results. You’ll also want to carefully read the pregnancy test instructions as some of them require the test to be read at a specific time. Sometimes, if you wait too long to read a pregnancy test, you may get incorrect results since the urine has dried up.

If, however, you have lots of money to burn, then you could buy a couple pregnancy tests. Some state that you can take them around the time that your next expected period should start. If you go that route, you could take one on the first day your next period should have started, then a second test on the day your next period should have ended, and then a third test a week after your next period should have ended.



  1. What if its been like 2 months snice i have not had a period and all the text i take come up negative then what do i do???

  2. 7 Can I get pregnant after periods

    I had protected sex on 9th may.
    I got my periods on 14th may[4days medium bleeding ]and again on 23Rd may.[3days heavy bleeding ]
    I didn’t get my periods in June and today is 8th July and still I am not getting periods.
    Does this mean I am pregnant?

    Pls reply I am scared!

  3. Yes u are cos u dint see it an plus next time wen having sex….. Use condom

  4. Hi,lam favour my mestrual period is 25 or 26 my when am suppose to hv sex with my husband to get pregnate?

  5. veronica Dwomoh says:

    I had sex on my ovulation period DAT s 16-21November 2016,n today s 29 can I test to see if am pregnant or shd I wait for next month to cm,cos seriously I want to gt pregnant

  6. I had sex on my ovulation period which is 14 of January 2017 and today all my body is d me some how,can I test to see if am pregnant or not and wait for my next month to come, cause seriously I want to get pregnant

  7. I saw my period last 15 th of December 2016 till now iv not seen but I had unprotected sex, I want to get pregnant

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