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Use the pregnancy ovulation tool to find out when your ovulation date is. Our ovulation calculator can help you determine the best time for having sex for the highest probability of getting pregnant; or, you can use the tool to determine when you might have sex for the least chance of becoming pregnant.

The ovulation / fertility calculator can be used to help you increase (or decrease) the likelihood of getting pregnant by calculating when your most fertile days are. Keep in mind that you are most fertile on your ovulation date.

Determining When You Are Most Fertile

Enter the date of your last menstrual period and the number of days in your menstrual cycle into the fertility calculator, and click on the Calculate button.

On average, there are 28 days in a menstrual cycle, but it can last from as little as 22 to as many as 44 days. The Ovulation Calculator gives you the approximate ovulation date, but if your menstrual cycle is irregular the results may be less accurate.

Ovulation Calculator

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