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Of course, if you really are pregnant, then be sure to schedule an appointment right away with your physician or health care provider.

Wondering if you're pregnant?

Here are some common pregnancy symptoms:

Missed menstrual period

A missed menstrual period is the most obvious pregnancy symptom, but don't forget that a skipped period can also be caused by other factors--including a change in diet or exercise, stress, sickness and medications.

Tender, swollen breasts

As your body's hormone levels increase, it is common to experience soreness & sensitivity in your breasts. This soreness may feel somewhat like the soreness you may feel shortly before your monthly period, but it is usually worse.

Frequent urination

During pregnancy, the amount of fluids in your body increases. Your kidneys then have to process this additional fluid which results in your bladder filling more frequently than normal.

Extreme fatigue

Extreme tiredness during early pregnancy may be caused by rapid increases in hormone levels.

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Another symptom of early pregnancy is spotting or implantation bleeding, which is sometimes referred to as early pregnancy bleeding. This light vaginal bleeding lasts just a day or two (in contrast with the duration of a normal period) and typically takes place around 12 days after conception. If this spotting is accompanied by pain, please be sure to see your physician immediately as it could be a sign of ectopic pregnancy.

Morning sickness

For most women, morning sickness (vomiting/nausea) takes place around a month after conception. Pregnancy related nausea can actually take place at any time during the day or night. It can vary from an occasional queasiness to overwhelming nausea & vomiting.

Abdominal bloating

Changes in hormones during early pregnancy may make you feel bloated, even before you've begun gaining much weight.

Increased sensitivity to odors

Certain foods or smells you used to like may become thoroughly repulsive to you.

High basal temperature

If your basal temperature remains high for 18 days, then you are likely pregnant.

Other pregnancy symptoms

Other symptoms may include having frequent headaches, experiencing constipation, feeling faint, and heartburn.

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