Calculate Your Weight Gain During Pregnancy

So you're pregnant, and you're starving! How much weight can you "legitimately" gain while attributing it to that darling baby who's rapidly growing within? When your hubby or boyfriend hints that it's time to stop the late night munchies, pull out our pregnancy pounds chart and show him how close to par your belly really is.

How Much Weight Should I Expect to Gain?

Your weight gain will vary. You should be gaining weight throughout your pregnancy, since you are carrying a growing baby inside you, and gaining weight is important for your health as well as the health of your baby. The exact amount of weight gain will vary and depends upon how much you weighed before becoming pregnant. The pregnancy weight gain calculator will provide you with an estimate on weight gain; the chart below is helpful as well.

The Weight Gain Chart

Your Body Weight Weight Gain
Underweight: 28-40 pounds
Normal: 25-35 pounds
Overweight: 15-25 pounds
If you are expecting Twins: 35-45 pounds

Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator

Your weight before pregnancy:  lbs
Weeks along into pregnancy:
Normal pregnancy weight: lbs

Remember that your focus should not be upon how much weight you are gaining but rather to make sure that you are eating healthy so as to ensure a healthy child. If you are concerned about the rate of your weight gain during pregnancy, please be sure to talk with your OB/GYN. The information provided above reflects typical, average pregnancy weight gain. Variations always occur since each woman is unique. is an open discussion site. This information is designed for educational purposes only and is not provided as a professional service nor should it ever be treated as if it were offering medical advice to specific clients. This website is not to be considered a substitute for professional medical care.